Yucca: home care

Yucca: home carePotted plants are loved by many. They are bought as a gift, asking shoots from the neighbors. But not all those who have flowers at home, know how to properly care for them, so that they bloom in time and grow intensively. One of the most common plants in homes is yucca, caring for which will help its growth and active life. If you have a yucca at home, care at home, a photo of this beauty we will give you in this material. After all, some of those who have this evergreen beauty standing at home do not know how to care for yucca at home.

Care for yucca includes the following components:

  • location;
  • temperature conditions;
  • lighting;
  • spraying;
  • watering;
  • recharge;
  • transfer.

Yucca: home care - a favorable environment

Many people like to grow this particular plant, because it is unpretentious and unpretentious. A meter or one and a half meters is quite an optimal height for him.

How to care for yucca also depends on where to place the flower.This should be the place in the house where there is a lot of light and sun. Only the sun should not shine straight. In the summer you can put it in the shadow on the street. Be sure to avoid drafts.Yucca: home care

In areas where there is no severe frost, it can grow right in the open field. By the way, it blooms only on the street, even the most favorable care for yucca at home does not always ensure her flowering, only in unique cases.

The main thing you need to know when caring for this plant is the temperature regime. In winter, it should not exceed 12 degrees. If the house has more degrees, then you need to control the process of moistening and watering.

Yucca: home care - watering

Far from everyone who has a yucca flower knows how to care for it, or rather, to water it correctly. This plant loves moisture, but this does not mean that you need to pour liters of water on it. Watering should be moderate. The next portion of water can be poured only after the previous one has dried. Water in any case should not fall on the trunk, to prevent rotting and disease.

In the winter heating season, when the air in the house is dry, you need to moisten the flower by spraying its crown.Water for irrigation and spraying should be at room temperature, separated.Yucca: home care

If you do not know how to care for yucca in terms of nutrition, there is nothing complicated. These are standard organic mineral fertilizers. Only need to feed not the root system, and the lower leaves, and only in the summer.

Yucca: home care - transplanting

Some who like yucca, how to care for her - they know, but how to plant and propagate - no. The most important thing is to provide drainage to eliminate stagnant moisture.

In order for the plant to grow faster, it must be regularly transplanted into a larger pot. If you plant a young flower, you need a mixture of sand and humus, and for a mature flower humus is not required. Such mixtures can be found in gardening stores - the necessary proportion is already there. The bottom consists of drainage, and then - the mixture. The soil should be well loosened.Yucca: home care

Juicy, hard, green leaves without stains and twists is a sign that you are doing everything right.

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