“You can do everything”: an obvious fact or a dangerous delusion?

Advertising does not lag behind: according to various videos, a poor woman needs to lose weight in two weeks, fix a chair for her husband suffering from indigestion on the background of food excesses, find a well-paid job not far from home and learn to drive a helicopter at leisure. Popular books also support the idea of ​​human omnipotence: one title of Vadim Zeland’s book “Transurfing of Reality” already suggests that there is some kind of magic wand and a pair of magic spells, and the author knows where to get them.

It seems to me that most modern women do not suffer from idleness and lack of motivation. But they are exhausted from the proposals, requirements, directives that pour on their poor heads from the outside world. The result is the illusion that everything can always be changed for the better - on its own. Change the patriarchal society into a feminist one for a fierce verbal bout on Facebook, become an irresistible beauty after two sessions of self-hypnosis in front of a mirror,fall in love with the most beautiful man and reach unprecedented career heights. And it does not matter that these goals sometimes contradict each other. This is somehow lost behind the certainty that a woman is literally everything. It’s just that she’s not motivated enough, a little lazy and not working enough to achieve her goals.

“You can do everything”: an obvious fact or a dangerous delusion?

I remember the slogan of a famous sports brand: “Just do it.” Or another: “Ran a kilometer? Run ten. ” And more beautiful: "You're only better."

An ordinary 40-year-old woman standing on the workout site, who last time practiced physical education at school, and does not understand why she cannot do a single pull-up? Expectations and reality do not coincide disastrously. Everything ends with frustration and a package of cookies at the TV. A new form for sports and remains lying crumpled somewhere in the bowels of the closet. Once again, they failed to achieve a “simple” goal. The woman is sad. She feels worthless. The idea that she cannot do everything, that we still need to reach regular exercises, not to mention the perfect splits, which professional dancer Sophia Boutella demonstrates in the very same leggings advertising, doesn’t occur to our heroine.

"You can not do everything.Now you can not even press one time. But if you do something little by little, something will definitely turn out "- such an advertising slogan would sound much more realistic. But only then who will buy those leggings from advertising that perfectly fit the buttocks of a professional athlete?

The world went crazy on the idea that each of us is the mistress of his own destiny. Therefore, schoolgirls so drastically cut their diet to the mark “regular hungry fainting” with confidence that, as soon as the coveted figure 40 appears on the scale, the handsome guy will immediately appear under the windows with a bouquet of flowers. Therefore, the organizers of dubious master classes in stretching promise to “put the clients on the splits for three days” (and immediately want to ask the question if the cost of the master class includes removing a client from a negative splits and calling an emergency room?), And they are believed and come, and seriously trying to gain the flexibility of a ballerina for three hours of "intensive". After all, everything is possible, you just have to want, close your eyes and make a wish! Therefore, patients at the neurologist have so often appeared at the neurologist who apologize for disturbing the doctor with a visit with symptoms of depression, instead of “pulling themselves together” and dealing with “this depression” on their own.It seems to them that they must manage everything, including neurotransmitters in the brain, events in their lives, and at the same time with the reactions of the surrounding people.

Modern women have more than enough responsibility, courage, activity, time management skills. They lack one thing - the ability to determine the moment when you do not need to rush into the battle and tear out your teeth with what you've just dreamed up, but just relax and accept what can not be changed

They would forget the slogan “You're only better.” And honestly say to yourself that sometimes it is better and sometimes worse. Kickbacks, losses, mistakes also happen, and there is nothing terrible in it.

A classmate of that girl may just love high brunettes. Or he does not think at all about romance, because he is focused on the choice of profession and makes in the evenings a detailed plan for emigrating to Canada as a programmer - right after graduation. Therefore, he is not interested in skinny babe with the appearance of a non-road elf, who for some reason lost weight until painful. He is interested only in how to find a good tutor in English and how to organize yourself a work-out without prejudice to school activities.

“You can do everything”: an obvious fact or a dangerous delusion?

Someone is not allowed to sit on a cross-twine at all. Coxarthrosis, an old trauma of ligaments, an exceptional case of the tightness of the hip joints - but is there anything that can stand on the way to the dream of making a photo for instagram in a cherished pose? Classes stretching - a piece of nice and useful in itself, especially if you do not force events and do not delirious coveted twine, and reach exactly as much as it is comfortable.

The ability to relax and let go of the situation has a positive effect not only on overall satisfaction with life, but also on facial expression. Finally, this transverse crease on the forehead disappears - it always accompanies the expectation of disappointment, internal tension and desperate uncertainty that the world will turn the right side.

A flu shot to reduce the risk of illness during an epidemic is a sensible act. But to weep from the insult that some respiratory viral infection still overcame the immune barriers and you fell ill and broke the deadlines for submitting the report, it's pointless. Because not all events in life can be influenced. And the surest thing that will help us to perceive different troubles, and sometimes life dramas, is the understanding that we cannot control our destiny for one hundred percent.

We are sometimes unable to decide what to eat for breakfast, what about more serious things? Leaving a field for maneuver, the ability to indulge in a bit - a necessity that keeps the psyche healthy.

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