Woman of the year - the most powerful, gentle and touching

The award "Woman of the Year" will surely become a good tradition. Otherwise it can not be. So many worthy women received their deserved rewards this evening and how many of them remained, professionals of their work, wise, experienced, kind and strong women, in whose hands everything is kept together and whose hearts are overwhelmed with kindness and love for others.

All professions are needed, all professions are important.

11 nominations were announced at the competition and more than 350 participants applied for participation. All women are shock workers in their profession, each has something to be proud of: in education, health care, education, industry, culture and other fields.

Confirmation of this - videos about their life and work, where each told about their dreams, plans, difficulties and accomplishments.

All the "girls" left the stage with a mountain of gifts and with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers under the applause of the hall.

The whole evening on stage with the contestants were Konstantin Smirnov and Sergey Safronov, who indulged the audience with his tricks.

To tell the truth, sometimes at such events it is boring, but not this time. The song performed by Elizaveta Kachurak touched to tears, the dance performed by the children's choreographic ensemble made her laugh, and the concert number from the creative team of the Volgograd police cheered.

Festive mood

Photo: Maria Loseva

All women this spring evening in the cozy hall of the CDC received their portion of warmth and respect. So many beautiful and necessary words were said in their address from the stage. In their return speech, the winners also spoke, wishing everyone peace in their soul and harmony in their families and at work.

Wday.ru also presented his portion of amenities, congratulating the best women on the victory in the Internet voting. The finalists of the contest "Incredible success stories" were:

Tatyana Galayeva, who collected 13,610 votes and won the prize - the Spanish fragrance LOEWE Quizas, Quizas, Quizas.

Olga Shabanova, who collected 13,150 votes and received a prize — a set of “Herbal Freshness” for the beauty and health of the whole family from TianDe.

And Tatiana Babicheva, who collected 9505 votes and received a prize - a set of soap and fragrances for the Rosa Damascus bath from the workshop Magic.

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