What is better to wear a bright, red dress?

It's no secret that red color is a color description of passion, desire, love, beauty and nobility. A red dress is a challenge, thrown by its owner not only to men, but also to women.

In such a well-chosen dress, you can feel especially knowing that such clothes can attract many looks, interest and admiration, because a woman denounced in such an outfit turns into a standard of femininity and grace, audacity and courage.

Dress is a bright color.

However, at the same time, the red dress is able to play a cruel joke with her mistress, emphasizing all her flaws, presenting the color of her skin in a not very pleasant shade, betraying the image of vulgarity and vulgarity. I would not want to, right? In order not to be in a similar situation, it is necessary to properly understand all the rules of wearing such noble clothing.

Before you go to the store for another fashionable red thing, you need to evaluate your figure, as well as your color appearance.

If you are a summer girl, then you will best suit dresses of wine shade of red, winter type is usually suitable scarlet color, spring - soft shades of red, even closer to the carrot, and the autumn type of girls usually looks good in rich brick models.

Another important point: remember that a red dress can only choose confident and powerful ladies who will be ready for the fact that at today's event will be scanned every step and behavior. At the same time, it should remain relaxed and easy, only then the “red dress” card will play.

Also, be attentive to the choice of the style of the dress: if there is a small tummy, then the dress-pencil is clearly not your case, it is better to hide fat hands under the drapery or a small veil.

Not very pronounced waist is best to emphasize a small girdle, and a small chest should be masked with a winning cut of the top of the dress, deep decollete in this case, of course, should be avoided.

Accessories for the red dress.

In order for such an outfit to look perfect, you also need to know with what you can wear a red dress, which accessories are best suited,what shoes to choose, and is it really worth it to dilute the existing ensemble? After all, a red dress, in itself, is very independent and rich, in order not to look stupid, it is necessary with great precision to approach the choice of its accompanying elements of your image.

Short or long?

This moment is also very important to take into account in order not to look inappropriate at a particular event. Of course, the choice is always yours, but remember that a short red dress attracts twice more attention than a long one.

Gorgeous red dress.

Under his not-so-big hem, you can even hide fewer flaws, remember that the legs of its owner should be smooth, long and slender.

Also do not forget in this case about the color of tights or stockings - they must be exclusively black or beige.

The girl in a short red dress is a bold, even moments aggressive, image. Therefore, if you strive to give your look romance and lightness, it is better to turn your attention to long red dresses, made of airy and flowing fabrics.

The skirt can be made of several layers of chiffon or multi-layered flounces, which will once again emphasize the femininity of your figure, as well as the solemnity of the occasion.

By the way, in Asian countries, for example, the red dress is traditional for wedding events, namely for the bride, which symbolizes joy, happiness and prosperity in it.

So for our insolent and not too conservative brides, such an idea may seem incredible and very advantageous, and the fashions of such dresses can appeal to famous designers and fashion houses, in the collections of which there is always a place for another incredible red miracle.

Which dress to choose?

By the way, red dresses fit well not only in the evening events, but are also welcome in the day dress code. It is best to choose dresses of strict styles of medium length, so you will cover a little imperative and expressive shade of your choice.

If you choose an office variant, then there is no place for frankness and openness, it's best to choose your knee length, and also on a fitted silhouette that can be clearly seen in a pencil dress, tulip dress or a dress with a smell.

What things can not wear a red dress?

Naturally, the main rule is a combination of the right colors and shades, as well as the absence of incompatible styles.Probably, every girl understands that the red dress is not combined with flat sandals or ballet flats, even a conservative 3-4 cm heel is not very appropriate if you really want to make an impression.

The same applies to shades, with a red dress it is necessary to very carefully combine green and yellow tones, if they are, for example, present in jewelery or shoes. In this case it is better not to choose amethysts, sapphires and chrysolites from jewels.

With which accessories can you combine a red dress?

There are a few general rules here. The red dress perfectly combines all the jewelry from the main precious metals, that is, gold, silver and platinum. As for gemstones, diamonds, rubies, which perfectly fit in their shade, and pearls are best combined.

Elegant combination.

In general, for such a dress it is best to choose rather large and bulky accessories, it can be several bracelets, earrings or necklace, scarf, handbag or belt - it all depends on the style and type of figure, as well as on the planned image. But again, you must constantly adhere to a strict color range: red is combined with beige, gold, silver, white, purple, black or red.

What shoes fit a red dress?

Of course, an undeniable classic is a red dress, black patent leather shoes and a black small handbag. This is true, because the red color, as well as possible, is combined with black color.

What is wearing a bright dress?

However, it becomes boring and recently a fashion in this direction has received a new round: shoes should not coincide with the color of the handbag, but may have a shade that is present in its pattern or design.

The red dress perfectly combines the pumps with the skin color: beige, cream or white. Such an image is more delicate and romantic, and in such a case the handbag can be red or black, and can have notes of beige or white flowers in its print.

Shoes for the red dress.

By the way, the handbag can not be combined with shoes at all, but have a shade that matches the tone of the jewelry. And one more thing - shoes should not be too bright, without sequins and beads, such decor can become superfluous.

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