Will grow rhododendron in the open field in the suburbs

If you purchase seedlings adapted for Russia, and not from European nurseries, and the right to grow a crop, rhododendrons can be grown in the open field even in the suburbs.

Main rules

The main reason for failure is non-compliance with the main rules.
The landing site should be selected taking into account the biological characteristics of a particular type of rhododendron and the conditions of its natural habitat. Rhododendron does not tolerate drafts, so wind protection is very important to it.
The soil rhododendron needs acidic, loose, highly humus-containing. In the feed zone of the roots of rhododendron should not be: lime, dolomite flour, ash and other fertilizers that shift the pH of the soil, alkalizing it.
For rhododendrons, it is imperative to conduct regular mulching of the stem circles. But to dig and loosen the soil under the bushes of rhododendrons is impossible.
Watering should be regular, not allowing drying of the roots. On the other hand, there should be no blocking, so it is necessary to ensure the removal of excess moisture from the roots. Water needs to be softened. Hard water contains a lot of calcium and alkalizes the soil.
For cultivation in the Moscow region are suitable only varieties and species with high winter hardiness.

Illumination conditions

By illumination suitable for rhododendrons are open spaces. Above rhododendrons should be an open sky. This will provide access to natural rainfall and sunlight. But in the midday summer hours the bushes should be covered with a diffused shadow from other plants. How to arrange it? The ideal option - a clearing, located between the pines. But since it is difficult to meet this condition at a dacha in the Moscow region, rhododendron can be planted in an open area near high fruit or ornamental trees. Rhododendrons of tree species are not suitable whose root system is located close to the surface: linden, poplar, maple, chestnut, willow, alder. With the rest of the trees, they coexist normally.


Choosing a place, you should prepare it.The roots of rhododendron are compact and the root system does not take up much space, so without a drainage layer, a hole of 40-50 cm is enough. It is filled with a substrate. Before planting the root ball of the bush should be well soaked with water. The bush is planted at the same depth. It is impossible to cover the root neck of rhododendron with earth. After planting, the hole is mulched with a layer of at least 5 cm.
For the winter, the rhododendron bush needs additional mulching, sheltering with a covering material and putting snow cushion into the base of the bush.

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