Wild Berry Cheesecake

You will need
  • - 750 g ricotta;
  • - 300 g of wild berries;
  • - 250 ml of yogurt;
  • - 250 g of powdered sugar;
  • - 225 g of butter;
  • - 180 g of flour;
  • - 60 g of potato starch;
  • - 4 eggs;
  • - A bag of vanilla sugar;
  • - 3 tbsp. orange juice spoons;
  • - a pinch of salt.
For the dough, mix 100 g of butter with 40 g of powdered sugar, 1 egg, flour and a pinch of salt. Form a ball from the kneaded dough, wrap it in plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour.
For the berry filling, place the berries in a saucepan, add 50 g of powdered sugar. Bring to a boil. Mix orange juice with 15 g of starch, add to the berries, bring to a boil again, cool. After that, wipe the berry mass through a small sieve.
Divide the dough into 2 parts. Thinly roll out half of the dough, place in a parchment-shaped mold, chop with a fork, put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Bake 12 minutes at 180 degrees after this.
For the filling, beat 150 g of powdered sugar with 125 g of butter, add vanilla sugar. Beat until smooth. Enter into the egg mass one by one, after each stirring.Add the remaining starch, ricotta, yogurt, beat a couple of minutes.
Set aside 3 tablespoons of berry puree for decoration, mix the rest with 6 tablespoons of curd mass.
From the remaining dough, lay a side on the dough. Put on top of half the curd mass. Put on a mass of raspberry puree in the form of a spiral, hold it with a wooden stick in a circular motion. Top out the remaining mass, level. Bake 70 minutes at 180 degrees.
Cool the finished airy cheesecake with wild berries, put in the fridge for 2 hours. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and garnish with berry puree just before serving.

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