Why Turkey threatens to cancel visa-free regime with Russia

The authorities of this hospitable country can restore visa regime with Russia, which was canceled in 2011. Turkish newspapers have been writing about this lately. According to journalists, Ankara is being forced to take a similar step by the European Union, with which it began to actively negotiate on the abolition of the visa regime between Turkey and the countries of the Old World. In the event that such an agreement is reached, the Turks will have to use the so-called visa protocols, which all EU states now adhere to. In this regard, Ankara will have to introduce a visa regime with all countries that have the same regime with the Eurozone. Russia is among those states.
According to the results of the negotiations between Brussels and Ankara, which took place at the end of June 2012, the Turkish authorities declared to their citizens with undisguised optimism that in a couple of years they would be able to travel freely to the EU states without any visas.At the same time, the Turkish government does not exclude the acceleration of this process. Now Ankara is waiting for a "road map" from Brussels - a detailed list with tasks, having completed which, the Turks will receive visa-free access to the EU countries.
However, many experts believe that the Russians for at least five to ten years can not worry about this. Negotiations on the abolition of visa entry - a rather long process. In addition, experts do not exclude that for Russia Europe will cancel visas even earlier than for Turkey. At the moment, there is an active dialogue between Moscow and the European Union on this issue. Experts suggest that the Old World should make certain concessions to Moscow for the opening of the Sochi Olympics.
At the moment, Russians have the right to enter the Turkish land without a visa. Previously, the visa mark was put in a passport at the border. Without a visa, Russian citizens are allowed to stay in Turkey for no more than 60 days.

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