Why the leaves turn yellow tomatoes


Adaptation of tomatoes after transplantation

You can often notice that the lower leaves of the recently planted tomatoes turn yellow. This is a natural process, because tomatoes react to the stress of a transplant. In this case, the lower yellow leaves usually fall down themselves. If this does not happen, you should carefully trim them. This will allow the nutrients to get to the young upper stepsons soon.

Diseases of tomatoes and pests

Suddenly yellowing leaves of tomatoes can signal that a disease struck them. This may be physical disease, mosaic, late blight and others. If you suspect any of the diseases, it is important to conduct timely processing of plants. For these purposes, you can use the appropriate drugs, for example, Pentaphage, Mikosan, Fitosporin.

In the presence of pests, tomato leaves may also turn yellow. Aphid, bear, wireworm and some other insects can seriously harm tomatoes. Therefore, if the reason lies in them, then it is urgent to remove the pests by any available means.

Excess or lack of moisture

Inadequate as excessive watering can cause tomato leaves to turn yellow. With a lack of moisture, they also curl and fade. When moisture is excessive, the tomatoes may lack nitrogen, which also leads to yellowing. Therefore, it is important to properly water the tomatoes and feed them.

Root system damage

A weakened root system of tomatoes can cause yellowing of the leaves. Pests can damage the roots; we can also accidentally damage them when transplanting tomatoes. A weak seedling may have weak, undeveloped roots, which will further affect the quality of the entire crop. Therefore, in this case, you can use different strengthening complexes for the root system.

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