Why does a bitch do not exist?

Years went by, and what happened to the young bitches? Most of them live quite a normal life: they work, got married, gave birth to children.

Those who, due to their youth, “bitchy bitch” especially zealously, still sit alone, but continue to write out from themselves the one that is difficult to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget.

Well, that is, no one simply needs them with such “cockroaches” in their heads.

The books and courses on how to become a bitch were deceived by everyone very harshly, and those who fell for them at one time really “got”, lowering their lives on completely useless knowledge. It’s impossible to become someone who you are not emotionally and psychologically. Because, firstly, you will not last long enough. And secondly, when you play a bitch, but in fact you are an ordinary woman, you feel the falsity immediately. No matter how hard you try, you can not play a role as expected.

Why does a bitch do not exist?

Today, these courses are almost gone. And this is not surprising. Women have become smarter and realized that this razvodilovo does not work, but only pulls money from them.And even before they finally realized that the "bitch", who was trying to dazzle TV and gloss from them, nobody is not needed and not interesting. Nobody wants to communicate with bitches, no one wants to marry them, and they cannot manage men, contrary to established stereotypes, at all. If only because it requires completely different skills and qualities.

Women who communicate with people specifically include the “bitch” do not get anything other than negative in their address. No one is in a hurry to help them, the good on the head is also not spilling, therefore they become angry and hate the whole world, hiding behind a mask of bitchiness

But in fact, they are not any bitches, but simply offended by the poor fellow.

Moreover, I will say, perhaps an amazing thing, but the bitch as a species does not exist in principle. This is just an epithet, which people sometimes award to some particularly distinguished (for example, those who defend their borders and comfort zone). But this does not mean that there are those who only live, doing all the nastiness.

All of us sooner or later find ourselves in situations where we have to say things that others do not like to hear, or do things differently than others want.And we cease to be good girls and become bitches, although in reality we are not like that, but just in this particular situation, we behave a little more aggressively than usual. Tomorrow we will find ourselves in a different situation, in a different mood, and our behavior will be different. It is impossible to be always bitchy, and to be always kind or cheerful.

If a woman is called a bitch, there are, for reasons, three reasons. The first reason: it often has to defend its interests, and they run counter to the interests of others. The second reason: she is just boorish and rude. The third reason: people rowing this definition to any woman who angered them with something, did not meet their expectations, or who was just jealous.

Why does a bitch do not exist?

If you meet a woman who calls herself a bitch herself, you can be sure that there is a person in front of you who is either angry with others, or is trying to hide the mass of her complexions from childhood. Bitch in the usual for all the understanding is not there. Accept this as a reality. Bitch is either just a label that people occasionally hang on someone, or a mask that hides a very unhappy person.In general, there is nothing good behind this, and therefore it is not necessary to strive for this.

If you really want to improve yourself, work on self-confidence, appearance, the ability to communicate with people so that you get the right response or action from them. It is quite real, and for this it is not necessary to grow lame and impudent. Become a more advanced version of yourself, without losing your personality in the process of cultivation, and you will be happy.

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