Why slow down video on a computer?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 6, 2015
Why slow down video on a computer?

Suspending and slowing down of various processes implemented on a computer is a common practice, however, when this practice extends to watching a favorite movie, and indeed a video, it is, of course, very unpleasant.

Let's see why it slows down the video on a computer or laptop and how to fix it.

Freezes video: reasons

Codecs are missing or outdated

Video codecs are system libraries that allow the operating system to work correctly with video of various formats. In the event that the required codecs are not installed or they are outdated, the video may either not play at all or “slow down”. How to solve this problem? Update or download codecs. We recommend taking advantage.

Video card drivers - outdated or incorrectly installed

In this case, you first need to clarify the name of the driver you need (listed in the "Video adapters" section of the "Device Manager" menu) and download it from the manufacturer's website.

If the drivers are downloaded in .exe format, just double click on the file and the installation will start automatically. If you downloaded the archive, go to the "Video adapters" section, right-click on the name of the video card and click "Update drivers", and then, at the request of the system, select the path to the archive.

Too many running processes.

Perhaps the video slows down simply because too many processes run on the PC at the same time. This problem is especially typical for low-performance computers and laptops. To solve it, just complete some unnecessary processes.


Of course, viruses can also cause the video to slow down, in which case we recommend checking your PC for viruses. If the antivirus is not installed, you can download a free trial version.

Well, of course, do not forget that the problem may lie in the video itself, if all the videos on the computer are played without problems, and one thing probably hangs the problem directly in the file.

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