Why server crashes?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 17, 2015
Why server crashes?

Today, a huge number of PC users are interested in various computer games. However, there are often problems with their work, which are not always caused by the malfunction of the game itself.

In this article we will explain why the server crashes in computer games.

The main causes of the problem and how to solve them

Among the main causes of the problem, when the game crashes, you can name the following:

  • old version of directx;
  • old version of Microsoft .NET Framework;
  • old video card drivers;
  • lack of RAM;
  • user name in the operating system is written in Russian letters;
  • the presence of viruses;
  • incompatibility of the game with the operating system.

You can read about other possible reasons in our article Why the games fly out.

Consider these problems in more detail.

Old versions of web installers or old video card drivers

So, you can check your versions and initially download the latest versions. As for the Framework, it is desirable to have v3.0,since it already contains previous versions.

In addition, your video card requires fresh drivers that can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer.

Shortage of RAM

If the problem is a lack of RAM, you should allocate more space for the game. This can be done in the launcher through the “Settings” menu.

Username in Russian

A common problem is also the name of the PC user, written in Russian letters. In addition, the folder called “My Documents” should be called “My Documents”. You can simply rename it to the English version. If the username in it is also in Russian, you should create a new user with a name with Latin letters, and delete the old one.

Virus presence

To prevent malicious programs from hindering the launch of a computer game, you should update the antivirus and clean your PC.

Incompatibility with the operating system

Carefully read the instructions of the game: it is likely that your OS can not support it. It is also possible that you cannot run other programs at the same time, turn on antivirus, etc.In addition, maybe you install the game incorrectly. Do it again.

You can also try to restart the computer, but this does not always give the desired result. At worst, you can reinstall the operating system, it is only recommended to do this after you have tried to solve the problem in all other possible ways.

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