Why see a black car in a dream

To see a black car in a dream - to the beginning of a new project that will bring trouble. In the final you will succeed, work will bring the desired result.

What brand was the black car in a dream

Black car is a good sign. He indicates that all plans come true. However, the road to success will be full of surprises.

Try to remember all the details of the dream and the brand of car.

Black foreign car in a dream indicates that in real life you are inattentive to the little things, better plan your day. To achieve the desired will help clear goals and a developed phased plan.

A black jeep in a dream foreshadows that all goals will be achieved. However, consider what consequences will arise from your desires.

Dream of a broken or old car in a dream

The car broke down in a dream - watch the affairs carefully, something goes wrong, it is still early to relax.

An old, rusty or disassembled car points to serious obstacles on the way, plans are broken, while changing tactics and worldview.

In the dream, something bad happened with the car.

A car of black color shot down in a dream - troubles and a black stripe in life.

The car fell into a cliff - the financial situation has shaken, there is no stability in business.

They hit or crushed the car, got into an accident - unexpected changes will happen in reality that will not bring joy. To avoid change will not work.

What kind of car is a dream?

A police car - an influential person will prevent it from conceiving, the project will have to be postponed indefinitely.

Black racing car - self-confidence and stubbornness. The goal will be achieved in any way.

For men, a dream with a black car promises prosperity and stability in business, financial independence. Women see themselves driving a black car - to challenge the second half in real life.

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