a guest16.11.16 21:13

Why do our women dress in Mediterranean fashion? Our country is northern

and durakhs go without socks, they will put on their pants and sit like men with legs apart. Do stylists need to carry the beauty and culture of wearing these creatures? I will keep silence about male organisms. Tanya Petushanskaya.


Tatiana, hello!

Thank you for your question

Yes, it is unusual to see in Russian reality and in cold weather girls, and men, in shoes with a bare foot :)

But! I tell you so - this is fashion. If these people work in gloss, work as models, actors, photographers and in similar professions, then this is reflected in the way of life and clothes.

In fact, if you live 5 minutes from the subway or move by car, it is not so critical to suffer a little bit when you are 20 years old :)

This is a sign of the modern generation, it is not bad, and not good, it is so simple.

Increasingly, people are going to Europe and absorb new style, why not, the main thing is to be harmonious.

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