Why lays ears when a cold?

Ear congestion is an unpleasant symptom. And why does it often occur when a cold? And how to fix it?

Causes of ear congestion

In order to understand the causes of ear congestion in the common cold, it is necessary to delve into the structure of the nasopharynx and organs of hearing. These zones are closely related. Thus, the ear consists of three parts: the middle, the outer and the inner. Each of them should be maintained at the same pressure, which provides the Eustachian tube: it connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx. And if such a pipe narrows for some reason, there is a stagnation.

With a cold, the ears can be laid for several reasons:

  • Otitis. It is a complication of the common cold and especially often develops in children, due to some peculiarities of the structure of their hearing organs. With this disease, inflammation begins in the throat and extends to the outer and middle ear, as well as the Eustachian tube.
  • Ears can lay after unsuccessful or sharp blowing out.If you try to free the nose from the mucus with a sharp exhalation, especially when there is a strong congestion, the pressure in the middle ear and the Eustachian tube can increase significantly, which will lead to congestion.
  • Edema extending from the nasopharynx into the Eustachian tube and narrowing or completely blocking its passage.
  • A lot of mucus. It stands out in the nasopharynx, but with significant volumes and untimely removal, it can also get into the Eustachian tube, plugging it and affecting the functioning of the hearing organs.
  • The gray cork. In case of catarrhal diseases, the amount of sulfur secreted may increase slightly, and if it is not removed in time, a stagnation may occur, which provokes congested ears.
  • Inflammation of the facial nerve is a serious complication of the infection and sometimes leads to congestion of the ear, located on the side in which the inflammatory process is localized.

Possible symptoms

Other symptoms, such as swelling of the nasopharynx, copious mucus (it can linger in the nasal cavity or run down the back of the pharynx), sore throat, weakness and headaches can join the congestion of the ears and runny nose.

Sometimes the ear is not only pledged, but also sore, with pain being excruciating and strong: aching and dull or sharp, shooting. In addition, the congestion may be unilateral or bilateral, and in the latter case, the hearing may deteriorate greatly or for some time almost disappear.

How to eliminate?

What to do when laying ears in a cold? First of all, contact your ENT doctor and begin the treatment prescribed by him to eliminate the causes of unpleasant symptoms. The specialist may prescribe antiviral, immunomodulatory or antibacterial drug, depending on the pathogens detected as a result of tests. And for the immediate removal of congestion, various methods and means are used, as discussed below.

Pharmaceutical products

To treat stuffy ears, you can use drugs sold in pharmacies:

  • Nasal vasoconstrictive drops. It would seem that they can not affect the ears, but you already know about their close connection with the nasopharynx. By removing the edema that has arisen in the nasal passages, you will be able to expand the Eustachian tube (some of the funds will fall into it) and normalize the pressure in different parts of the hearing organs.
  • Ear drops are recommended for otitis media and allow you to stop inflammation and eliminate puffiness.Such means as “Otipaks”, “Otinum”, “Sofradeks” are used.
  • Boric acid is a proven tool used in diseases of the ears. It is dripped onto a cotton pad or turunda, which is then laid in the ear for an hour or two.


In case of ear congestion, the following procedures may help:

  1. Alcohol compress. Dilute alcohol with the same amount of water, moisten the gauze or bandage several times in this mixture. Such a compress is applied to the ear area and left for half an hour. But be careful: do not allow alcohol to enter the ear canal and do not increase the duration of the procedure to avoid skin burns and the eardrum.
  2. Washing the nasal cavity can be effective. For this purpose, specialized sprays based on physiological or saline solution or sea water are used. Irrigating the nasal cavity with one of these means, remove the mucus. If necessary, repeat the procedure. But with infection, improper washing can trigger the spread of inflammation.
  3. Try to stabilize and normalize the pressure in the Eustachian tube.To do this, you can shut the nostrils and try to exhale through them, or try to inflate the ball through a straw.

Folk remedies

How to treat stuffy ears with the help of folk remedies? Natural oils can be used: linseed, olive, corn. In one of them, preheating the product to a comfortable temperature, soak a cotton wool and place it in your ear. This will eliminate discomfort and soften the sulfur plug, if present. You can also bury herbal tea, such as coltsfoot, chamomile, in your ears. But such procedures are carried out only in the absence of perforation of the eardrum.

Ejaculation of the ears with a cold is not only an unpleasant, but also a dangerous symptom. Consult a doctor in time to solve the problem.

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