Why is the symbol of the Linux operating system is a penguin

Why is the Lunux symbol a penguin?

The history of the penguin begins in 1996. Then a small group of Linux employees during one of the e-mailings suggested that their customers draw a logo for the operating system. As a result, thousands of various drawings came to the company's office. Among them were the most diverse: from those in which noble eagles and sharks were depicted to cartoons of other operating systems. During the heated discussions, no emblem was accepted, but the main Linux system developer, Linus Torvalds, casually mentioned that he liked penguins. This completely predetermined the course of further actions.
Almost instantly, the artists suggested several options for the emblem, which depicted a penguin. On one of them a bird was holding a globe.To this, Linus critically objected in one of the letters that the penguin is too weak and clumsy to hold the Earth and suggested that for this bird to be more weighty.
After that, a competition was announced to create the best penguin. The winner of the competition was the work of Larry Iving, a designer who worked at the Institute for Scientific Computing in Texas. He created the logo using the GIMP program.
During the voting among users of the Linux system, the image was chosen as the official logo, where Linux 2.0 was written. However, Torvalds managed to defend his vision of the future logo.
Torvalds wanted the penguin to be fat and happy, as if he had just eaten a few dozen kilograms of fresh fish. In addition, the penguin was supposed to be recognizable the first time. Therefore, all the other birds participating in the competition have red paws and beaks, and the Dachshund in the penguin is orange, as if his father were a drake.

Why are penguins called Tux?

There are two versions of decoding the penguin name. According to the first, the name Taks is an abbreviation for the English word tuxedo, which is translated as �waistcoat� or �waistcoat�.This results from the fact that penguins are as if dressed in vests.
According to another version, one of the Linux developers, James Hughes, called the penguin Taxi. He did this with the caps of the first developed Linus Torvalds system Torvalds UniX.

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