Why does not petunia bloom on the balcony in summer

Problems with the flowering of petunias are observed mainly in the pottery representatives, that is, those that are grown at home or on the balcony. If you look at those plants that grow in the open field, then almost all of them bloom profusely and beautifully. Flowers in pots have color only in those cases if the containers in which they are planted are wide and deep.

It is worth remembering that petunias feel good only in large quantities of soil, so if you want to see abundantly flowering plants on your balcony, then plant one cutting in a container of at least five liters.

If the petunias are already planted in small pots, and the number of buds themselves is very small, then there is a way out. First wait for the plant to bloom. Further, when the number of flowers is greater than the buds, cut the stems to a third, remove the flower from the pot and cut half the roots. Take a pot twice the size of the previous one and plant a petunia in fresh ground.Put the pot in a shaded place for a week, pre-feeding the plant (you can use, for example, "Monophosphate" or "Aquarine" for top dressing), and after some time, move it to sunny.

Quite strongly on the growth and formation of new buds affects the care of petunia. In order for the plant to bloom long and abundantly, it is necessary to regularly perform the following hygienic procedures:

- if the flower is pulled out and has few side stems, then you need to pinch off the tip of the longest shoots;

- it is necessary to remove the withering flowers every day, and together with the peduncles (if this is not done, the plant will give all its strength to the setting of seed pods);

- be sure to remove dried leaves, especially in the lower part;

- to water in time and to feed in time. Petunias love abundant watering and poorly tolerate the lack of moisture.

In general, these flowers are very fond of heat and light, the optimum temperature for their cultivation is 25 degrees, however, they tolerate 30 degree heat as well. If petunia does not bloom, then review these conditions, if necessary, warm the balcony and install artificial lighting.

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