Why do you need a mariner and how to choose it?

Fragrant marinated mushrooms, crispy cucumbers, juicy kebab meat - well, just drooling! However, to cook such delicious dishes, you have to spend a lot of time on the process of marinating - sometimes it takes several hours and sometimes several days, or even weeks!

Of course, there are many recipes for making a marinade, but manufacturers of modern household appliances are not standing still and are trying to come up with something new. And they do it!

Marinator is a relatively new and very convenient device that is specifically designed for pickling products.

Based on the name, it is not at all hard to guess what a marinator is. Despite the fact that in our market of household appliances, he appeared relatively recently, this device has already managed to gain considerable popularity among the housewives, which is not surprising. Such an uncomplicated home appliance can save a lot of time, now it is not necessary to pickle vegetables, meat or fish manually, to do this, just press a button on the appliance.

At the same time, you do not have to wait long hours or even days until the products acquire the necessary taste and aroma, the marinator can cope with this task in just 9 minutes, which, in fact, is its main advantage. If it's meat, it usually takes several cycles of 9 minutes, but is it so important? After all, now it is not necessary to marinate it in advance, if, for example, tomorrow you have planned kebabs. It is enough to make all the necessary preparations literally an hour before the trip!

How to use the device?

Naturally, every housewife worries about the question, but how to use the mariner to make the result really effective. In fact, everything is very simple: the device itself consists of a transparent plastic bulb, which is closed with a hermetic lid. As it comes a vacuum application and, depending on the model, a convenient control panel is available.

To get pickled products, you must first cut them into slices, then load them into a container, pour the prepared marinade on top, close the lid and drain the air using a vacuum pump.

Due to the formed vacuum, the products fall into a special state in which dietary fibers depart from each other, as a result of which the marinade penetrates well and fills the gaps. The result is a tasty, healthy and very fast pickled dish that any hostess can cook.

How to choose a good marinator?

I must say that today there are not so many models of marinators on the market of household appliances, however, if you are still thinking of purchasing such a device, then you will have to face a number of questions.

For example, the first thing that can confuse when buying a marinator is the question which one is better - with the automatic function of creating a vacuum or a device with a mechanical pump, where the vacuum will have to be created manually? Of course, using automatic devices, you will not have to make any effort, but, on the other hand, if they break, you will have to throw out the entire device, while in the mechanical it will be enough to replace the gasket.

The next moment is what the marinator is made of.Naturally, a large number of defects have devices made entirely of plastic. Although they are easier and cheaper, plastic, with time, begins to grow cloudy and crack, in addition, it is quite fragile.

If you are looking for a device for a longer period of time, then it is better to consider models made of stainless steel - they do not crack, in addition, they are easier to wash and do not react with the aggressive environment of the marinade. Perhaps their only drawback is still their relatively high price.

The control system of the marinators is simple, most often, they have only two buttons in stock - “turn on” and “turn off”, which, in principle, is enough. However, you can come across models with a large number of functions, for example, a timer, an information display and so on.

It is also important to check whether a special corrugated plate is available, which is necessary for marinating and special softening of the meat. Otherwise, almost all marinators have the same characteristics - this is power, which varies within 7 watts, as well as the volume of the flask for products (usually 4 liters), which will depend on how many products you can pickle at a time.Choosing a model with more powerful parameters usually does not make sense, especially if you cook only at home.

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