Why do windows sweat

First you need to understand that the reason for the fogging of windows is purely physical. It is the windows that become the area of ​​the so-called "dew point" - the temperature at which the vapor from the air begins to condense in the form of droplets. In the morning, the dew on the grass appears precisely because of the difference between the air temperature and the temperature on the surface of the blades of grass. About the same happens with the windows. The colder the inner surface of the glass, the greater the chance of condensation. Often an indirect cause of fogging is a wide window sill, which blocks the flow of warm air circulating around the room, which leads to cooling of the internal glass and, accordingly, loss of moisture. In addition, it must be borne in mind that cold air is able to hold less moisture in it than a warm one; therefore, the cooler it is in a room, the easier it is for it to sweat through the windows.
The second reason for fogging is high humidity. Naturally, the more moisture in the room, the greater the likelihood of its settling on the windows.The normal value of humidity should not exceed 40-50%, but if this happens, the reason is most likely in poor ventilation. Another source of moisture - flowers on the windowsill. If the problem of fogging windows appears regularly, try moving the plants away. As a rule, owners of new plastic glass packs are confronted with misted windows. This happens because the old wooden windows did not have air tightness and provided natural ventilation. Also, high humidity is often found on the first and last floors of buildings.
Thus, it is possible to solve the problem of fogging windows either by increasing the air temperature in the room and ensuring the heating of the internal glass, or by reducing the humidity of the air. Try to move the batteries from under the wide window sills, this will give warm air access to the window. Repair the ventilation system, often ventilate the room, move the flowers from the windowsill. In addition, some plastic windows have a mode of winter airing, when a very small gap opens when the handle is turned 45 °.

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