Why do we always fall in love with those men

Remembering my first love and rolling my eyes with an aspirated “What a fool I was then!” Is quite a normal alignment. But sometimes you just turn around on the calendar of your last more or less serious relationship and find out that every person in it is the first - being absolutely unsuitable for these very relations.

A complete egoist (albeit with an excellent torso), a psychopath with a manic nerdy-nerve syndrome, a loser who is to blame for everything or a sociopath with bad habits who wants to start a family, but cannot even clean the pan

Looking back at this colorful gathering of ex-boyfriends and you think: do the principles “come with experience” and “learn from their mistakes” really do not relate to romantic relationships? Or is it only you are so lucky to turn a blind eye to reality when the heart begins to beat and sense the approach of a man?

Why do we always fall in love with those men

The answer is: you are not alone, but also all the heroines of Russian literature.From childhood, we are told that reading enlightens, and familiarity with the classical works of our great writers makes you an exemplary member of society. But the problem is not how Dostoevsky skillfully exaggerates, but Chekhov selects epithets, but how the whole galaxy of our top writers sees women's images and presents them to intact children's heads.

In what book you will glance, everywhere the female love drama. Tatiana from Pushkin's Onegin, attractive, worthy and enjoying the men, got the gate from the main character and instead of starting to look for a new candidate with a raised head, falls in love with Eugene and doesn’t indulge in even a successful marriage one letter back to come running. And is it really possible to trust a chosen one who finds bliss in torment? And after all, when at school you read this letter by heart, you will remember this script and think: well, let him choose me, say a few flattering words of love, and here I am again at his feet.

The girls then grow up and "get in touch" with married women who do not want to divorce, and with indecisive poor fellows who in no way understand whether they need a permanent relationship or not.And everything with this dramatic: “I know, you are sent to me by God, you are my guardian to the grave” - as if he really is the last Onegin in this world!

And take Ostrovsky and his "Dowryless"? In this play, the film was also shot, in which not one teenage girl let a mean tear. The most beautiful young girl, both in the film and in the plot of the dramatic work, decides to marry the first candidate that comes to her after the gentleman who has seduced her disappears. And in fact, even in this idiotic act, Larissa is indecisive: the master returns, and she rushes to return him again. Well, where is the self-esteem and self-love, Mr. Ostrovsky? Where? As a result, an unsympathetic fiancé, to whom the poor thing in frustration has already promised something, kills her, and even calls her a name, and she responds to him: "If it is to be a thing, so expensive, very expensive." Immediately I recall all the escort girls and vulgar Instagram models with thousands of subscribers - “expensive, very expensive things”, which, like Larisa Ogudalova, sometimes several men cannot be divided at once, - that's who Ostrovsky shouldn't have allowed to read.

Why do we always fall in love with those men

And next in the list are all the most famous heroines: Natasha Rostova,which is generally amazingly unlucky with the peasants; Lara-masochist from Doctor Zhivago; Chekhov female characters-terpily; Anna Karenina on rails, which she could not figure out ...

And all the young heroines like characters Bunin or Nabokov? From their youth, some rich uncles powder their brains with tricks that smell of pedophilia, and in literature classes this is enthusiastically called “strong feelings”. What strong feelings are there, what kind of love, if everywhere there is total suffering and a tragic ending? And do not say that the whole thing is in entertainment, that the writer needs to be carried away by the audience - in every first book from the classics women indulge the peasants in everything, humiliate themselves, get high on the status of “rags” and persistently cannot discover for themselves that if you are hurt and badly next to him, if he humiliates you and puts you in nothing - well, not love, not love. Even if the epithets from the "great and mighty" are chosen so that the syllable flows like a deep river, and the hero is all such from high society, the master, the master, the talent, the star.

The conclusion from the foregoing: for a weak schoolgirl's self-esteem, Russian literature is the purest evil, the most insidious example of the relationship between M and J.And you need to read all these dramatic horrors not at the age of 13 or even at 18, but after 25 and not before bedtime. And do not persuade that the language of these books, really masterpieces, is marvelous as beautiful, because if their meaning is so misogynistic, then there will be more harm from this than good.

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