Why do the lower leaflets of a tomato seedling dry up and turn yellow?

The most common causes of drying of the lower leaves of tomato seedlings are: soil, watering, lighting, food, diseases and pests.

First reason:sucking pests. You can determine their presence by small points on the yellowing leaves, if you take a magnifying glass. Gardeners do not always pay attention to the cleanliness of window sills, where many different seedlings are grown in the spring season. To this is added the nearby house flowers, where various mites, thrips, etc. also often reside. In this case, treatment with biological preparations of phytoderm and bitoxybacillin will help not only seedlings, but also indoor plants.

The second reason: excess fertilizer at an early age and a small amount of soil. The so-called "salinity" of the soil mixture, when undeveloped roots suffer from a high concentration of salts, causes wilting and yellowing of leaves.And, on the contrary, when there is a shortage of food and insufficient capacity, seedlings starve. Here we must look for a middle ground. Feed the seedlings with small doses of water-soluble fertilizers as the seedlings grow.

Third reason: soil and watering. Even if it is purchased from a reliable manufacturer, it is not a fact that the components in its composition are perfectly mixed, and the soil is suitable for tomato seedlings in terms of acidity. All manufacturers use peat, which is mixed with lime materials. And, if it has a high acidity, then the seedlings are not fully able to use nutrients. Tomatoes need a slightly acidic soil.

With excessive seedling overflow, the root system suffocates from lack of air. And the yellowing of the lower leaves begins. Diseases are connected to such troubles (black leg, fusarium wilt, etc.). The situation can be rectified by adding ash to the soil, reducing watering, treating the soil before sowing seeds with biological preparations for diseases (phytosporin, gamair, etc.).

Fourth reason: lighting. Without proper illumination of the seedlings, photosynthesis works poorly.The seedlings are strongly drawn out and the lower leaves turn yellow. Top dressing with a lack of light plants are poorly absorbed. Growing seedlings in February without additional lighting is not purposeful. It is better to postpone until March, when there are more sunny days and the light day increases.

The presence of dry air from the radiators during the cultivation of seedlings will also be important. Streams of dry air dry up the tender leaves of tomato seedlings. If possible, isolate the batteries by covering them with a sheet of plywood or placing jars of water between the pots of seedlings.

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