Why do kids bite their nails

Parents, of course, explain to their child how to behave in society, which actions are permissible and which are considered indecent. However, both at home and awaychildren, having played, thinking or simply noticing that their parents do not see them at the moment, they suddenly begin to take up a forbidden and completely unhygienic occupation - they begin to gnawnails. After another morale on this topic, the child pours crocodile tears and, through sobs, says that this will never happen again. But the next day, he takes up the old again. What should we do in this case? Certainly not to scold the child and not bring him to tears. It is better to try to analyze the behavior and environment that surrounds the baby and understand the reason why the smart and pretty baby nibbles.nails. The reasons why the child begins to nibblenailssomewhat, but perhaps the most common and obvious - this is stress. This stress can be like going to the first grade of school or starting a kindergarten,and divorce or quarrels of parents, as well as many other factors to which adults, as a rule, will not even think of writing off such a change in the behavior of a baby. Bitingnails, a small person as if relieves tension and stops worrying, or is afraid of something. Follow your child and identify the moments when he was taken, it would seem, without a reason to nibble.nails. Pay attention to how your child reacts to situations of various kinds, ask him to tell him what he feels, what he is thinking, etc. So, if a child is afraid to speak in public or is afraid to go to kindergarten, where, as he thinks, he will be hurt, try to help him become more sociable, active. It may be a matter of low self-esteem of the child, which means that you will most likely need the help of a qualified psychologist. By recognizing the root cause of the habit, you can take steps to eliminate it. When the child nibblesnails, there is a kind of replacement of the internal state of the external action. Knowing this, you can help your child not only forget about the habit, but also overcome fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.An older child can be helped in overcoming such a habit uncontrolled by him with the help of certain (only you two well-known) signs when he stops gnawingnails, having seen the secret sign-gesture filed by you. This will awaken additional confidence in you and help him be more careful about what his hands and teeth are doing at this moment.nailsstill gnaws. And he is already biting on the fact that he has nothing to do with himself, that he lacks the attention from his parents or that he is just bored. Help your child find an interesting hobby, arrange joint family games, try to keep the child as small as possible to himself. In every way distract him from obsessive habits, and perhaps this will be exactly what will help him finally get rid of her. Also clearly track the time the child is in front of the TV and the programs he watches. And then the "indecent" habit of the child will become just a funny memory.

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