Why do I need to open a bank account

There are several reasons for opening a bank account. Let's dwell on each of them.
1. Increase accumulated funds
If you want to get the maximum percentage - you should pay attention to time deposits. The longer the term and the amount of the deposit - the, as a rule, the higher the interest rate. But the peculiarity of such deposits is that it is very unprofitable to withdraw money early. So it is worth bearing in mind that to get the maximum profit you will have to “freeze” the funds before the end of the deposit term.
2. Target savings
If your goal is to save for a large purchase, you should pay attention to deposits with the possibility of replenishment. In this way, you will be able to save money for a future acquisition at regular intervals. And the bank, in turn, will accrue interest on the amount that will be in your account.
3. Security of funds
If you open a bank deposit in order not to keep large sums of money at home, then you will be eligible for replenishable deposits.Having opened such a contribution, you will be able both to deposit funds to the account and withdraw them if necessary. Interest on such deposits, as a rule, is lower than on term deposits. Also it is worthwhile to carefully read the terms of depositing and withdrawing funds. In different banks, they can vary greatly among themselves.
4. Convenience to travel
If a card is attached to your bank account, you can use your money while traveling. Also, for the convenience of travel, you can issue a credit card. In this case, a special bank account is also opened, but you are not using your own funds, but a loan from a bank that needs to be repaid within a certain period.
Also, bank deposits can be used for the purpose of receiving funds if you are working under a contract and receive a salary by bank transfer. Almost any account will do for this, but be sure to check this question with your bank managers.
It is also worth remembering that under the program of compulsory insurance of bank deposits, the state insures no more than 700,000 rubles placed in one bank. So if you are not sure about the stability of your bank, try to distribute your funds to several banks so that you can be reliably insured in case of bank failure.

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