Why all the time freezing feet

If the legs are cold from time to time, then there is nothing surprising here, the justification here can be hypothermia or wet limbs. And if the legs are cold all the time, then the cause must be sought for the state of health.

Most often, the lower extremities freeze in case of diseases involving vasospasm.

Hypertension and hypotension

Under reduced pressure, the blood circulates worse through the blood vessels and the heart is hard to push it to the extremities that are far from it. With increased pressure, on the contrary, the vessels are constricted, which prevents normal blood circulation.


In people suffering from this disease, the vessels become less elastic, the risk of thrombosis increases, blood flow to the legs is disturbed, and because of this, of course, the legs freeze all the time. In medicine, there is such a thing as �diabetic foot�, when blood supply in the legs is almost completely absent, which can later lead to gangrene.

Venous congestion

This disease can only be treated surgically.In this case, the legs not only freeze, but also swell, and severe pain is observed.


Due to poor oxygen supply to the tissues, a decrease in hemoglobin occurs, which explains the lack of heat in the body.


This disease, associated with thyroid abnormalities, usually occurs in people over 40 years of age. In addition to cold feet, the following symptoms are observed: constant fatigue, rapid fatigue, sleep disturbances, and so on.

In addition to medical reasons, there are some other non-health related.

First of all, you need to pay attention to body weight, in people with a strong lack of weight limbs freeze more often than in full, because fat contributes to the preservation of heat.


People who were subject to severe hypothermia of the legs some time ago suffer from cooling of the limbs for a very long time.

Nicotine addiction

In smokers, after smoking a cigarette, a spasm of blood vessels occurs, which interferes with the normal circulation of blood, as a result of which the blood simply does not reach the lower extremities, and they begin to freeze.

Prolonged stressful situation

When a person is agitated, a spasm of cerebral vessels occurs, an increase in pressure is possible, which means that blood circulation is disturbed and, as a result, the legs are constantly freezing.

Wrap up habit

Some people, in order to avoid hypothermia or a cold, are used to dress very warmly. Naturally, over time, the body becomes accustomed to the abundance of clothing and under normal conditions a person begins to freeze, especially limbs: hands and feet.

Poor diet

Usually it is characteristic of women who are dieting, because of the lack of energy in the body, as well as important vitamins, micro and macro elements, supercooling of the whole body occurs, most often limbs suffer.

Permanent seat with legs tucked

People who often sit with their legs tucked under themselves, the blood circulation is disturbed and, as a result, constantly freezing limbs.

The main function of the legs, well, in addition to walking, of course, is to save the body from overheating. If the apparent causes of cold feet are not found, then it makes sense to consult a specialist to diagnose the state of health.

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