Why a woman is not a device with boobs

This information does not carry any meaningful load (no matter how much the author hopes). But they are designed to impress the impressionable and, as it were, gradually lead to the idea that all people are a little shrimp, male chimpanzees and ladybugs, and therefore should behave in exactly the same way. Considering that 90% of the grateful public do not remember a damn thing from school biology, this method almost always works with a bang.

This is followed by heavy artillery in the form of incomprehensible terminology (as we recall, school biology is completely erased from the memory of the majority). In this case, the phrase “Women's development goes according to the juvenile type” is striking in its senselessness. Juvenile means youthful. That is, the author, perhaps, means that a woman during all her reproductive age attracts men exclusively with her youth and freshness. Approximately to menopause. Then, however, the author begins to talk about not a juvenile sign of "boobs". But the absence of logic in this place no longer bothers anyone, because the brain is clouded by muddy comparisons with our smaller brothers and incomprehensible words.

Why a woman is not a device with boobs

I will make a small digression to clarify that development in the juvenile type for adults is not normal. These are women who, at the age of 30, have neither sufficiently developed mammary glands, nor regular menstrual periods, nor normal fertility. This is an endocrinological problem that prevents a woman from getting pregnant and carrying a child. It requires treatment. But some, apparently, were taught at the university alternative physiology. Let's leave it to the conscience of the cunning teachers.

So, the author is trying to tell us that only boobs and save a woman. Because nature intended that a woman becomes pregnant (this is with the development of a juvenile type, hehe), gives birth to a child and certainly falls into dependence on her man. And only sex can help her survive these difficult times. That is, she must "pay off" with male sex. But not for pleasure, no, no. Only prostitution in the name of the child, only hardcore!

Why am I writing all this? There are many men in the world with excellently developed secondary sexual characteristics. They look like adults, work hard, regularly write something to Facebook.But at the same time their brain is developed according to the juvenile type. It is a rudimentary entity that allows you to post sexist texts and pictures with tits, but does not allow you to create simple logical chains.

They believe that women - this is an object with tits, which is needed exclusively for the birth of children and sex. Human relations should be built with male friends over a bottle of beer, while the “woman” object does not sleep at night, rocking the child. The object "woman" is dependent, and therefore must move apart the legs at the first request of a man with a brain developed according to the juvenile type. At the click of your fingers to show boobs, provide sex and give birth on demand.

Why a woman is not a device with boobs

It does not occur to him that if a woman is perceived as an object with tits, then he will be perceived as an ATM. That is, she, of course, will spread her legs and smile in a forced manner, but for the time being. Because who wants to communicate with a man who holds you for an incubator?

Immersed in the world of magical fantasies in the spirit of "a woman pays for sex for a mammoth", we forget that in the modern world a woman can choose her own destiny and build her life the way she wants

For example, she can become a handy surgeon and make a reputation for herself.And then (about the gap pattern!) Give birth to a child. And do not need to pay off with some kind of infusoria with sex. Because she can afford to provide this child. Hire a nanny. Use the help of their parents. Yes whatever. Or, for example, to give birth to children from adequate men who see a woman as an equal partner - it’s pleasant to chat with such people equally, have sex and live life together.

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