Why is a big age difference - is it bad?

I will quote her a little bit: “He told me that he was serious, that he wanted a family and loved me. And before that, everything in his life was a tumble, his first marriage with the same age failed, she pressed him and did not respect him. And my first love was the same age, there was just passion, and our relationship with Sergei was completely different. I am not at all mercantile, but I like the fact that Serezha is beautifully caring: he gives flowers, decorations, we go to rest abroad. I feel protected by a little girl and I am sure that everyone who speaks badly about us is just jealous of us ... ”

I agree, envy, but what? It is unlikely that someone will envy the love story of a girl who has a man twice as old. Here you can envy only one thing: she managed to find a wealthy man who at least is not disgusted with her.

Another friend of mine took the man of her dreams from another family: she is now 35, her husband is 62. After five years of marriage, he turned into a bore, constantly demanding attention and care.On top of that, he doesn’t share her hobbies at all; he doesn’t welcome any evening leisure outside the house, and when Sveta meets with her friends in the evening, she arranges jealousy scenes.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (@catherinezetajones)

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas (@catherinezetajones)

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones with Children

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones with children (@catherinezetajones)

Or another example. My neighbor at age 48 decided to leave his wife, with whom he lived for 25 years, to a new 23-year-old girlfriend - love covered the poor man with his head. Four years later, he had health problems: the doctors discovered diabetes, the pressure began to jump ... What do you think, how did it all end? The young wife filed for divorce, and the ex-husband again appeared on the threshold of his first wife, who understood his age problems.

And such cases, I can bring a million. It's only at first everything is seen in pink glasses and the lovers repeat, like a mantra, the phrase: "Love of all ages is submissive." And then gray everyday life and life begins, which over time shows that people of different generations have irreconcilable differences in everything: from the style of clothing and taste preferences to the way of life and types of recreation.

According to the results of observations by psychologists, the optimal age difference is considered when a man is 3–5 years older than a woman, and I fully agree with this. It is impossible, of course, to say that a marriage of convenience with a large age difference cannot be successful and strong, but ...

Talking about the passionate love of partners in such cases will be hypocrisy - in such relationships the love of comfort and money prevails.

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