Who to choose: native grandmother or nanny?

That came to an end maternity leave. If earlier mother could take care of her child on her own, without needing anyone's help, now it's time to shift the main cares of the baby to another person. Many modern parents believe that kindergarten is not the best option for a baby. So you have to choose: grandma orbaby sitter in Moscow.


Of course, that under the supervision of the native person the baby will be in complete safety, and the caring mother will be calm. The nurse will have to get used to it, but the professional assistant will be able to teach her a lot and fully prepare for school life. Both options are good in their own way, but also have their drawbacks.


Consider a grandmother as a nanny for a child in Moscow:


At first,to the grandmother the child does not need to adapt, he knows this person from birth and can fully trust him. A loving woman will wrap the baby with her boundless warmth and affection.Grandmother raised several generations of children, so her life experience is enormous.


SecondlyRelatives are ideal if you need to leave the house for only a few hours. Daily cares of the grandson during all working day can strongly burden and tire out the grandmother, as health any more and forces at times insufficiently. After all, a caring assistant will strive not only to look after the child, but also to do almost all the household chores to please their children.


ThirdlyIt is necessary that the grandmother’s desire to engage the child was not imposed, but proceeded from her own initiative. If you force a relative to sit with her grandson, then nothing good will come of it: your assistant will always be in a bad mood and take out her displeasure at an innocent child.


FourthIt is difficult enough to dictate its conditions to the mother or mother-in-law. If it is still possible to agree with the men of the age, then the women in the years are very hard to make concessions and compromises. Grandmother, who has gone a long way in life, knows best what will suit a child and how to take care of him, let alone educate.She is unlikely to listen to your opinion, much less fulfill any requirements and instructions. Get ready for the fact that the grandmother will educate the crumb by its own method, which is not subject to any criticism.


FifthIt is known that the duties of a nanny in Moscow include not only feeding the child, his bathing, walks on the street, but also all-round development. Most grandmothers believe that this will be superfluous, since it is very overworking for the child. Yes, and for a lot of housework, a relative hardly has time to draw, sculpt, learn songs with the baby.


At sixth, grandmothers often indulge their grandchildren, do everything for them, thus depriving children of mastering the elementary skills of independence. For example, it is very often possible to observe such a picture, that a sufficiently adult child cannot still tie his shoelaces himself or clean the toys behind him.


Consider a qualified specialist in the role of nanny for a child in Moscow:


At firstsuch a helper will unconditionally fulfill all your requirements and instructions, will not miss the opportunity to consult with parents, and will never make an important decision regarding a child without the knowledge of mom and dad.


Secondly, a nanny in Moscow will be able to raise a child according to modern teaching methods, which in the future will help the child become a successful student in school.


Thirdly, the nanny will take care of the discipline of the child, she can find the golden mean between strictness and permissiveness. An experienced assistant will explain to the child what is wrong and will correct his behavior on the right track.


Fourth,nannywill not interfere in the personal affairs of the family, much less give his advice. A qualified nurse will perform only his duties, and not closely monitor events that occur in the employer's family.


Fifth, the teacher will be able to give the baby as much time as the employer will say. The nanny will come to work on time and will not ask for it early, referring to her bad state of health. An active and energetic woman will be able to fully watch the restless baby, as well as ensure its complete safety.

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