Who Anatoly Wasserman was suing

������Anatoly Wasserman, a journalist, political consultant and erudite, filed a lawsuit in December 2011 against the company producing Onotole T-shirts. The statement of claim states that the company �Mary Jane�, without permission, illegally sells online T-shirts with the image of Wasserman and the words Onotole. Prices for these clothes range from 350 to 1000 p. In addition to T-shirts, Mary Jane LLC produces stickers for laptops and cell phones that contain the same image and inscription.
Anatoly Wasserman demanded to recover from the manufacturer compensation for the use of his image, name and pseudonym without permission. The size of the compensation payment, according to the plaintiff, should be 500 thousand p., Another 150 thousand p. the defendant must pay non-pecuniary damage in respect of non-pecuniary damage, as well as legal costs.
Wasserman has long been popular, won during the television intellectual battles.His person is also known on the Internet, where Wasserman became the hero of jokes, cartoons and demotivator pictures. On scandalous T-shirts there is an image of a bearded man in glasses and the inscription Onotole, which is the recognized nickname of a scholar in the network community. This is what allowed the plaintiff to assert that his appearance was illegally used in the products of the respondent company, the Interfax news agency reported.
A company that produced T-shirts tried to prove in court that the product depicted was not Wasserman, but a kind of collective image. A forensic examination, however, made a conclusion according to which Anatoly Wasserman is depicted on T-shirts. By law, the use of a photograph or other image of a person without his permission is prohibited.
In June 2012, the Basmanny Court of Moscow satisfied the Wasserman lawsuit against the company of Mary Jane only partially: the defendant must pay the plaintiff 100 thousand rubles. moral damages and another 10 thousand rubles. - for the legal costs incurred by Wasserman during the process. According to lawyer Anatoly Wasserman, the court left the claim for compensation for loss of profits without consideration. Will Wasserman appeal the decision is still unknown.

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