Which shooters will go on netbook

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - a dynamic shooter from Infinity Ward. The plot of the game develops in our time. The player will have to fight with the enemies, using modern weapons and equipment. Call of Duty 4 stands out with its excellently crafted graphics, unusual gameplay, a simple interface and a good storyline. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode in which the gamer will take part in mass battles. The player can also pump his weapon, complementing it with various modules that improve the rate of fire, armor penetration and so on. The game will run without problems on the netbook at medium settings.
Quake 3 Arena - shooter, the sequel to the famous Quake series. The game focused on the multiplayer part, but it also has a single company mode. In it, the player will have to go through all the levels of the Great Arena, which was built by the Wadrigar race for gladiator fights. In the beginning there will be simple rivals, however in the process of passing the battles will be harder, and the enemies will be stronger. At the end of the user waiting for the powerful champion of the Arena.In multiplayer mode, you are waiting for a killer cruel battles, powerful weapons, various bonuses (invisibility, strength, and so on).
Doom 3 is a classic horror shooter from id Software. In the story of the game, an army of demons invaded our world and captured the UAC station, which is located on Mars. Scum killed almost all the soldiers and staff. The main character of the game is the Marine, who managed to survive. Now the hero has to go through Hell to save his life. The player will face different demons and bosses and destroy them with firearms. The game is a classic shooter in which the player just needs to destroy all enemies on the level.
Left 4 Dead is a computer game in the genre of shooter from the studio Valve. An apocalypse has occurred in the world, an unknown virus has infected almost the entire population of the Earth and turned people into the bloodthirsty walking dead. The main characters of the game are four survivors who dream of finding a safe place. The player will choose one character and shoulder to shoulder with others to try to get out of the city. Gamers have to fight with the usual and special zombies and bosses.At the beginning of the game, the heroes have weak firearms, but in the process of passing you can find a new weapon, more powerful and armor-piercing.

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