Where to go with a girl on the first date?

Where to go with a girl on a first date to impress her? This question torments many guys. Girls creatures are quite capricious and it is very difficult to please them. But after all, I want so much so that, after the date, she was delighted with you. To this happened, will have to try.

The first date is a very important moment, so you need to approach it seriously. If you frown, most girls will not understand your spiritual world, they will not give you a discount on the excitement, they just put a cross on you and put it on the list of losers. Therefore, the first date must be taken seriously!

When planning your first romantic evening, you must act depending on the girl and your relationship to her. If you don’t have strong sympathy for her, but you don’t want to spend the evening alone, you can not strain too much about the date (take her to an inexpensive cafe).But, in the event that you were looking forward to meeting with this beautiful girl, if you want you to continue the relationship, you will have to tense up.

For starters, count the money in your wallet. If they are not very many - do not despair! You're going to surprise a girl with a date, not money. Of course, the more finance, the more opportunities. I propose to get acquainted with the various options of the first date providence. Choose only you.

Where to go with the girl on the first date?

The first thing that comes to mind is a cafe or restaurant. In principle, this is a win-win option, but only if you consider some points. Firstly, this place should be decent, not a cheap eatery. Secondly, take as much money as you can (you do not want to get into a ridiculous situation). Thirdly, it is desirable that you know at least the minimum rules of etiquette.


Park or walk around the city. This option is not suitable for everyone. One girl, walking in nature, will feel much more relaxed than in a restaurant. Another, especially if she comes out on a date in high-heeled shoes, all the time she will think about her poor legs andthat you are a goon If you still decided to choose a park, as a place for a first date, make this trip an unforgettable one. Prepare surprises for the girl: unexpectedly buy a bouquet of flowers, sing a song or read a verse. The main thing is that everything should be relevant and fun.

Gallery or Museum. If you decide to conquer a very intelligent, cultural and intelligent girl - this is the most suitable place for a date. Can not you boast of special knowledge in these areas? I'll have to prepare and read something clever.

Boat trip. A white ship, the sound of water, a light wind, strawberries and champagne - it will be a very beautiful date, and it will definitely impress the girl. The only thing that can spoil the evening is the cost of renting a boat, and seasickness for a poor girl. To avoid embarrassment, try to find out if the girl is suffering from this unpleasant disease.


Dinner on the roof of the house. In principle, this is a budget option for a date. All you need is to bring the table and chairs to the roof of the house, decorate everything beautifully: a tablecloth, glasses, buy wine and sweets. Pay attention that there should not be garbage dumps on the roof, the weather should be good, take a blanket with you (warm the girl).And it will not be bad if you see a beautiful view before you, and not the pipes of the plant.

Concert. If you know from which group the girl goes crazy and by luck this group performs in your city, you just have to invite her to the concert. This option for the first date will be successful in the event that you also like this music. Otherwise, during the two hours of the concert you will have a terrible headache, you really can't talk to the girl, but she by and large will not give a damn about your displeasure.


Horse ride. This date should please the young lady, because horses are amazing animals and usually give everyone a lot of positive emotions. Make sure that the girl gets a calm animal, and that she did not fall from it. A walk in the fresh air will lift you both up. After the horses, drink wine in a quiet restaurant.

Aquapark. If you have a date with an active girl, lead her to this place. In the aqua park you will have fun, and, therefore, there will be no awkward pauses in communication. Moreover, even on the first date you will be able to appreciate all the delights of her figure.

Now you know where to go with the girl on the first date. I hope that you can cope with your anxiety, and everything will pass exactly as you planned.

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