Where to go relaxing alone and intellectuals

Psychologists and experts of the British Psychological Society conducted a study on what makes a person happy, and came to an interesting conclusion. It turns out that residents of large cities often feel lonely than those who live in small cities or villages, and the density of the population around us and the proximity of our family affects how satisfied we are with our own lives. This urban loneliness motivates people to move more often - to change apartments and places of residence, as well as to travel or even move to live in another country. And given that highly educated people in intellectual professions are always concentrated in cities, then this loneliness, which is actually becoming a habit, you can find another scientific explanation based on the results of the same study: people with high IQ experience less need for communication and enjoy spending time alone with themselves, concentrating on their hobbies and achieving important goals for them.

Scientists of the British Psychological Society even find historical confirmation of this: even at the time of the ancient tribes, more educated members of the group adapted better to changes in their place of residence and independently organized their way of life without the help of their fellow tribesmen. Over time, they even lost the very need for social contacts, because the latter distracted them from their own comfortable rhythm of life, making them imbued with the problems of others and forgetting about their own needs. For this category of people, today's example of which you will definitely find among your friends, loneliness in the city or loneliness on the journey is a conscious choice that turns into a kind of hedonistic and, of course, in many ways selfish pleasure of being alone with yourself or yourself. Having become interested in this topic, we decided to study in more detail where such intellectual tourism is possible in isolation and where it is worth to go to those who want to dedicate leave to mental enrichment.

Tuscany, Italy

Prepare to pay for renting a car and gasoline alone, but enjoy a pleasant opportunity to plan the route yourself and not follow anyone's desires.Provided that you have at least several days at your disposal, have time to combine the Tuscan wine with the Tuscan museum: the second is about Florence with its long list of works by Italian artists and Renaissance sculptors, and the first is about the Chianti region, which you should definitely visit for tasting.

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