Where to go for treatment? Rating of private medical centers of Rostov

Why are we increasingly visiting paid medical centers, rather than government clinics? For what we pay, and for what we overpay? How to understand the variety of proposals? Rating commercial clinics Rostov will help to orient.

According to experts, the vast majority of those who seek help from private medical centers, appreciate the quality of medical care. What is the basis of such a high score? Patient clinics showed a shortcut: one is important to get all the examinations in one place, for others proximity to work is important, and still others choose the one in which they feel at home. When compiling the rating, these and other criteria were evaluated (work schedule, the ability to make an appointment on the website, etc.). Thus, among the 13 private clinics of the city revealed the best.

Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Photo: Mobile Medicine Center archive

In nomination"Proximity to the people"won medical centersPolyclinics AVENUE, "Mobile medicine" and "Doctor", in which the average cost of admission to specialists - 850, 1100 and 1200 rubles, respectively.

Nomination"Always on duty"divided medical centers with the longest working day. Etalon receives patients daily from 07:00 to 20:00; Smart Clinic - daily from 08:00 to 20:00; Alpha Health Center - Monday - Saturday, from 08:00 to 20:00, Sunday, from 09:00 to 18:00.

It is obvious that the winners in the nomination"We give the heart to people"could become all participants rating. And yet we decided to award it to the medical centers Mobile Medicine, Alfa-Center of Health, Family, for a wide range of specialized areas and services.

In the nomination"For a high level of service and comfort"hit more than half of the centers involved in the ranking. Why all? Because the management of the clinics realized a long time ago: patients should be taken care of - call back when they have no time, take the kids when the mothers are in the office, report the results of the analyzes ... Leaders: Alfa-Center for Health, Alliance 2000, VRACH, Mobile medicine ",Polyclinics AVENUE, Slavia, Smart Clinic, Expert.

Palm in nomination"For loyalty to the profession"given to medical centers with the largest number of branches:Polyclinics AVENUE(9), “Expert” (7), “Hippocrates of the 21st Century” (5).

In the list of nominees"Comprehensive turnkey services"- six clinics: Mobile Medicine, Alliance 2000, Hippocrates 21st Century, Family, Slavia and Health Factory. We can expect that help in these medical centers will come as quickly as possible, since there is a private laboratory that works not only in the mornings, but also in the operating room, day hospital, and around the clock.

Nomination"Vector - development"awarded to centers with the most striking exclusive offer. It should be noted that this position caused the greatest difficulty both for us and for the staff of the institutions. Indeed, what was a unique offer on the market of medical services 7-10 years ago is today included in the standard price list. And yet we found the foremost! This is the "Smart Clinic", offering extensive programs for weight correction and body cleansing; “Doctor”, whose specialists make a unique plasma-lifting; and “Mobile medicine” with ultrasound at home.

Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Medical centers of Rostov: top best
Medical centers of Rostov: top best


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