When to sow pepper on seedlings in 2018 according to the lunar calendar

Sowing pepper in January

Bell peppers have been varied with varying success throughout the country, even in the northern regions. Since from planting to ripening of fruits usually passes a rather big time, some varieties of pepper are sown on seedlings in January. Such a winter planting is especially justified for the southern regions, because the heat there comes in the spring rather early and it is possible, without fear of frost, to plant seedlings on the beds. When sown in January, seedlings need additional lighting, as the day is still too short. Have a nice dayaccording to the lunar calendar, in 2018 are considered January 21, 22, 25, 26 and 29.

Sowing pepper in February

In February, the seasoned peppers for seedlings are usually sown, provided that the variety is late or medium late. In this case, about 120 days pass from sowing until the fruits appear. In February, according to the Lunar calendar, the peppers should be planted no earlier than the 17th, as the moon decreases in the first half of the month. But after the new moon, on the growing moon, you can sow pepper on the seedlings.Particularly favorable numbers in February: 17 and 18, 21 and 22, 25 and 26.

Sowing pepper in March

In March, most varieties of Bulgarian pepper are sown on seedlings. This month is already feeling the breath of spring, so the pepper will have enough natural light. Favorable days for sowing pepper in March 2018 will come in the second half of the month. The lunar calendar reports thatPepper is best planted in the period from 20 to 22 March, as well as 24 and 26 numbers.

Sowing pepper in April

There are also gardeners who plant peppers for seedlings in April. This usually applies to mid-early and early varieties. According to the lunar calendar, in April 2018, there are many recommended days for sowing pepper for seedlings.

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