When and how to plant strawberries

You will need
  • - strawberry seedlings;
  • - humus or compost;
  • - superphosphate;
  • - potassium sulphate or ash;
  • - water for irrigation.
Laying strawberry plantation is better in April or in August, when the heat ended. However, it should not be delayed with planting either, otherwise the strawberries will not have time to get stronger and root before the start of frost. It is better to transplant seedlings with a lump of earth on the roots, and carry over long distances in a wide bucket or basket. If the plants have been out of the ground for a long time, you can immerse the roots in water or a dung-clay mash for two hours.
The plantation cannot be placed in a very shaded or swampy place. Before planting, the soil should be fertilized: per 1 square meter of 5-6 kg of humus or compost, 50 g of superphosphate, 30 g of potassium sulfate or, as a substitute, 60 g of wood ash. Then pour each well abundantly under the seedlings. The distance between strawberry bushes should be at least 25-30 cm. When planting, make sure that the heart is at ground level, otherwise it may rot, and the plant will die.
After planting, water the plantation again and well grumble the soil.As mulch, you can use peat, humus, black film or husk. If the weather is very hot, you can arrange newspaper sheds over the seedlings to protect against sunburn and drying out of the soil.
Whiskers weaken bushes and reduce yields, so regularly pinch them, except for those who have decided to leave for new seedlings. To get a good planting material, it is better to leave no more than two very first whiskers from each bush. After picking berries, the soil should be fertilized with a mixture of superphosphate and potassium sulfate at the rate of 25 g each component per square meter Instead of potassium, you can use wood ash - 50 g per square meter.

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