What will end the series Krovinushka?

Dmitry Ermolinsky
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What will end the series Krovinushka?

Immediately on several channels is the series �The Blood� on a very emotional theme of motherhood. The long and confused intertwining of destinies makes the viewers think: how will the series Krovinushka end, and what will happen to its main characters?


The series was created at the Harmony Studio by a group of directors led by Olga Grekova. Cast as young actors and recognized masters. The filming participants in their interviews said that the work on the film took place at several venues at the same time in Odessa at the field shooting and in the pavilions in Moscow. The main problem with such a schedule is strict adherence to the accuracy of costumes when changing the frame. There was a special assistant in the crew who was following this.

The development of events takes place in a small provincial clinic, where a talented doctor and his spouse, to the best of their ability, help future mothers and their children.Despite the personal drama, Terkulov over the entire series overcomes all sorts of difficulties created by both nature and the people themselves.

To a large extent, this contributes to sister Terkulova, Galina. Hiding behind the sign of a beauty salon, she does her business in surrogate motherhood. Other people's tragic fates pass in front of the viewer, not leaving anyone indifferent.

According to the law of the genre

The treatment of various female and children's diseases from series to series is accompanied by a proposal to the audience of various alternative opportunities to have children. This is the same surrogate motherhood. And the adoption of a child. In general, the viewer gets used to the idea that the main characters will also follow this path. And everyone thinks that he knows what the series �The Little Blood� will end before watching the latest episode.

In their interviews, the creators of the series have repeatedly said that the final will be unexpected for the audience. This was mentioned by actors and screenwriters. The opinion of the latter in this matter, as you can guess, is especially valuable. And although the content of the 250th series is kept secret, it is quite logical to assume what awaits the audience.

Since the authors of the series are so diligently pushing the viewers to the fact that you can have a child without becoming pregnant, you can expect ... Olga Terkulova�s pregnancy. By the way, one of the screenwriters almost let it out in his interview. This will be the biggest surprise for those who wanted to find out how the series �The Blood� will end and waited for the last episode.

Further, like all similar series, the development of events will take on an avalanche-like character. Most likely, even a few months will pass within one part and the audience will be shown the birth of a child.

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