What wedding hairstyle to choose in 2015?

The bride's hairstyle plays an equally important role than a dress or accessories, so it’s worth choosing responsibly. Find out what will be fashionable in 2015 and create your own unique look.

How to pick up?

Before you study fashion trends, it is worthwhile to figure out how to choose a hairstyle. When choosing it, several important factors should be taken into account:

  • The shape and features of the face. If the face is elongated, you should not exacerbate the situation with voluminous and high hairstyles, it is better to make gentle curls and romanticly frame your head. If the shape of the face is heart-shaped, then it is necessary to focus on the lower part of it, having dismissed the hair and placing several curls near the cheeks. If the face is square, then a rounded bang would be ideal. Also suit high hairstyle. Owners of an oval face fit almost any hairstyle. If the bride has large and rather rough facial features, then you should not “lick” the curls and choose simple hairstyles.It is advisable to create volume to focus on the hair. Curls and other elements must necessarily be large. If the facial features are small, then it is worth slightly framing it with curls. Hairstyles with a hair will look spectacular.
  • Dress. First, his style should be considered. Secondly, pay attention to the style. So, elegant dresses of straight or fitted silhouette are best combined with simple hairstyles, such as tufts, as well as with loose and slightly curled locks. If the dress is magnificent, then the hairstyle should match. In this case, you can create a complex and three-dimensional structure. Thirdly, if the dress is not frilly, but elegant and feminine, then it is worth refusing from complicated hairstyles in favor of concise. If the dress is gorgeous, then you can create on your head a masterpiece with many elements.
  • Hair length. This factor is also very important.
  • Practicality and convenience. Hairstyle should be securely fixed so that the bride is not distracted and not worried.

What are the hairstyles in fashion in 2015?

Wedding hairstyles for brides in 2015 can be very diverse. And in order to choose the best and most suitable one, you need to clarify a few important points.

Fashion trends

The main trends of 2015:

  • NaturalnessHer hairstyle may look like the bride just washed her hair and combed it well.
  • Easy negligence. It will look very stylish, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the image will be sloppy and ridiculous.
  • Maximum simplicity. Tiered complicated hairstyles out of fashion. In addition, they are often uncomfortable.
  • Decorations. To hairstyle did not seem too simple, you can decorate it with various accessories.
  • Elegance and romance. Hairstyle should not be flashy and too catchy, because the main features of a perfect wedding image are cleanliness and tenderness.
  • The combination of several elements. For example, curls can be combined with bunches, and braids - with tails.

Stylistic directions

The most fashionable and current styles of wedding hairstyles:

  • Classic. She, perhaps, never goes out of fashion, as she always looks elegant and stylish. Hairstyles in this style have several characteristic features: conciseness, smooth and simple lines, simple accessories. Tender curls, loose flowing hair, bunches are most popular. Accessories such as tiaras, studs with beads or stones are used.Most often, classic hairstyles are created with a veil, it is an integral part of the image.
  • Romantic style. All hairstyles are gentle and often include curls, waves or curls. Curls can remain loose or gather at the crown or nape. For decoration, you can use hats, flowers, veils, studs with rhinestones. Often the veil is used as the main accent.
  • Folklore style. Spit, loose or collected hair, light curls prevail. In any case, the hairstyle should be simple. For the decor used ribbons, wreaths, lace, flowers.
  • Retro-style looks very elegant and even elegant, but such hairstyles are suitable only for brides with an oval or round face shape and its regular features. The main element is clear and well-laid curls. You can decorate your hair with a hoop or a large and bright hairpin.
  • Baroque style is suitable for owners of fairly thick and long hair, as it involves the construction of three-dimensional structures (often using frames). Relevant accessories: flowers, bows, ribbons, stones, velvet or lace elements.
  • Bohemian style is lightly negligent.Disheveled light curls (loose or gathered), as well as elements with free weaving are welcome. Chains, flowers, laces, hoops are often used as ornaments.
  • As before, the Greek style remains relevant, which is characterized by delicate curls on the shoulders, braids, and various weaves. Ideal accessories are flowers and rubber bands.

Actual hairstyles


In 2015, the following hairstyles are popular:

  • Beautiful and romantic curls: both pronounced and barely noticeable.
  • A variety of braids and all kinds of weaving. If the braids look better on long hair, then the weaving is combined with curls of medium length.
  • Elegant and discreet seashells and bundles.
  • Bulky hairstyles. But it is worth remembering that they go far from everyone and suggest the long hair of the bride.
  • Loose or gathered curls.
  • The most different hairstyles with bangs. At the same time, the bang is chosen according to the shape of the face.
  • Tails. An ordinary horse tail looks somewhat simple, but if it is tied up with ribbons in several places along the length, it will become interesting and bright.
  • The best hairstyle for short hair is styled curls in retro style.To make the image interesting, you can experiment with parting and bangs.


The most current accessories: romantic beads, elegant pearls, delicate flowers (especially large ones), satin ribbons, tiaras, lace, interesting headbands, bright hairpins decorated with stones, chains and so on. If you choose a veil, it should not be too fanciful. Welcome simple models of lace, simple tulle.

Let your wedding hairstyle be perfect!

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