What to wear with boots stockings

Today you can easily purchase both winter and demi-season, spring and autumn versions of boots, which resemble stockings. Fitted models vary in length - above the knee and even to the hip line. For their manufacture traditionally used stretch materials, delicate suede and plastic skin. Boots stockings are the perfect choice for a date, a trip to a restaurant or a party.

Stylish boots stockings: what to combine

It is recommended to pick up clothes depending on materials of which boots-stockings are made. So, suede models look elegant and expensive, so these boots would be appropriate in solemn occasions. Luxurious suede is not designed for everyday wear. It is the best of all to combine boots from this material with evening short dresses, beautiful tunics. They should not be open, you can even choose a spectacular sweater dress made of warm yarn.
Stocking boots made of stretch fabric most resemble women's stockings.They perfectly fit the legs, visually making them more slender. Such shoes will be a good choice for tall girls, and you can combine it with anything. For example, a successful ensemble will be stretch boots, stockings and shorts, dresses with a romantic blouse, casual dresses, leggings, denim overalls.
Leather boots stockings can be used for every day. Knitted cardigans, sweater dresses will help make an image bold and at the same time feminine. To emphasize a thin waist and to visually lengthen a figure the fitted jackets in length to the middle of a hip will allow.

Win-win ensembles with stockings

To make the image stunning, it is not necessary to rush from one extreme to another and wear heavily trimmed dresses with stockings. Avoid blouses, off-shoulder tops, overly short skirts.
Stocking boots look incredibly stylish in combination with long gloves of the same range and texture. Accessories are also worth picking up to match the harmony of the ensemble. It is advisable to wear opaque and dense panty hoses with such boots. They can be colored or matching in color with the shoes - the last rule is relevant if you have chosen shorts or a short skirt.
Today stocking boots decorated with rivets, zippers, rhinestones and other details are popular. These models require a combination with monochromatic and simple dresses. Remember that with long dresses or skirts boots, stockings do not look. But if you still want to dress in the evening dress on the floor, take the option with a slit on the skirt.

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