What to wear in the club?

What to wear in the club?What to wear to the club to get face control and not look vulgar or vulgar at the same time? How to dress so that you are noticed? Today we go through the wardrobe and look for club things in it.


Some will say that the club needs to dress as you are comfortable. I agree, fifty percent of it is true. But do not forget about the strict uncles who stand at the entrance. They check that only the most beautiful and extraordinary people get to the institution. Therefore, in a beautiful dress and heels you are more likely to get into the club than in sneakers and a hoodie.


Try to dress in something light, even in winter. Dancing, alcohol and hot body will not let you freeze. If you do not want to merge with the crowd - avoid the black color. Better to opt for bright colors and brilliant things. And do not forget about the white color. In club lighting, he always looks bright.


Do not dress boring! You can delve into my mother's wardrobe and find something vintage. Put on your boyfriend's jeans or go for a second-hand in search of an interesting thing. In this outfit you will always be unique and creative.


Pay attention to accessories. They should be bright and unexpected. For example, a small cap or diabolical horns, massive brooches or bottle openers from tin cans - open space for creativity, and nothing more.


On face control keep fun and at ease. Even if you came to this club for the first time, you should not show that you are worried. Chat with friends, smile and just behave naturally.


What to wear in the club girl


Let's start with the most convenient - with short. But it should not be cycling or Bermuda. Good club shorts are always bright, shiny, best of all - leather. They should not be too tight and too short, otherwise you will be confused with a go-go dancer. Tunics and long T-shirts go well with shorts. Do not wear a short top. Strip one thing down — either your legs or your belly.


What to wear in the club?


Skinny jeans and top. Here you can just open a small part of the abdomen, of course, if the figure allows. Simple white alcohol jersey and loose-fitting silk shirts look great with jeans. What is convenient - you can always tie a shirt in a knot on the stomach, and then you will also get a top.


Skirt and top. Do not wear too short skirts - terrestrial gravity does not affect them. And in order not to sparkle with their clothes on the whole club or to correct the whole evening skirt, it is better to choose the length to mid-thigh - not too modest, and not vulgar. With regards to the top you can say one thing - it must be variegated and unusual in order to contrast with the skirt.


What to wear in the club?


Dress. Again, make a bet on creativity and convenience. Let it be an unusual cut or a nontrivial drawing. If you are the owner of long legs, you can ignore the studs. Add onions with bright red lipstick and black arrows.


If you decide to spend time in a nightclub, do not be afraid to look extraordinary. Take a good mood with you, and then you will definitely be able to dance at the bar counter.


What to put on the club guy?


If girls are cute enough to smile and bare any part of the body to get into the club, then it is much more difficult for guys. A win-win for a guy is a smart casual style popular now. His invariable attributes: jeans "chinos", loffers (like moccasins), a tweed jacket or a wool cardigan, a bright tie with comics or a butterfly to peas, etc.In general, you should look elegant and stylish, no trousers, sportswomen and sharp-nosed shoes. It is not necessary to dress up in branded items with tags out. It is enough to buy a few quality items and be able to combine them with each other.

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