What to wear for the New Year: things with paillettes

Sequins and sequins have long gone beyond parties, and fashion magazines with enviable regularity provide us with advice on what and why wear a sequined skirt to the office, if the chef approved an informal dress code on Fridays. We will not tell you how to fit the sequins in your everyday wardrobe, but rather make a list of things with sparkles that can be useful to us on the eve of the festive season, when you want to shine, sparkle and sparkle with joy everywhere and always.

T-shirt with sequins

There are things that you are looking for under a certain party format, and there are also those that are themselves capable of creating a festive atmosphere, even if there is nothing dizzy and grand around that has happened. We would take this T-shirt to the last ones and leave it in case all the plans for the New Year's Eve are in question, except for one and only thing - to have fun.

T-shirt with paillettes Mango

T-shirt with sequins Mango (1 999 rub.)

Ballet flats with sequins

All fans of pajamas and nightgowns as coolers will be guaranteed to coo with delight: this pair looks like slippers that “crossed” with the shoes of a fairy from some fairy tale with a happy ending. And by the way, they look so impressive that they “give a head start” to any festive pair of shoes or sandals on heels.

Ballerina with paillettes Guinevere

Guinevere Sequin Flats ($ 41.99)

Leggings with sequins

This moment had to happen sometime: now the sequins got even to sportswear, which means it would be possible to shine and shine with happiness not only on the dance floor, but also on your favorite simulator. In the case of these leggings, however, the sequins are just a drawing, but a deceptive effect is present!

Leggings with paillettes Terez

Terez Sequins Leggings ($ 78)

Cardigan with sequins

In this cardigan you remind yourself of a New Year tree, and giant sequins seem to live their own life and create a 3D effect. With what to wear such a brilliant thing in every sense, it shows the stylization correctly, and we add from ourselves that this cardigan even with a black turtleneck and black pants can easily make a festive set, for example ... for a corporate party.

Motel Sequin Cardigan

Motel paillette cardigan (9 621 rub.)

Dress with paillettes

Judging by the inscription, this thing was specially made for our country: “I accept apologies only in cash.” And even though the addressee of the message is not fully understood, for some reason we are sure that European feminists would not have approved this.

Zara Sequin Dress

Dress with sequins Zara (2 599 rub.)

Coverall with sequins

Consider that now you know what the thing looks like, which at the moment will make you the queen of disco or any New Year's disco. What is the reason for wearing such a glittering robe so that people won't rush to photograph you as a guest star? Our advice: with a black hat with a wide brim and a black jacket.

Topshop sequin jumpsuit

Swimsuit with sequins

Especially for those who are planning to escape to hot countries on New Year's Eve and will be far from snow and fir trees at midnight on December 31, we have prepared a separate sparkling festive "outfit" with sequins, leopard print and corset lacing - all the seductive details that we love in ordinary clothes, and now in the beach.

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