What to wear a reticule

Classic style

Clothing in a classic style, including a strict office suit, does not necessarily combine with the usual briefcases and bags. To make an image of a business woman more romantic and free will help a beautiful reticule of good skin. Especially today there is no need to carry around bulky diaries, organizers and laptops.
The life of a modern girl is displayed on the smartphone display, which will fit perfectly in a small handbag on a long chain. When choosing a reticule for clothes in the classical style, one should be guided by the rule “less is better”, but the point is not in size, but in decor, the abundance of accessories and non-binding elements. Ideally, a concise-shaped handbag made from always-current crocodile or stingray skin will ideally suit this image.

Boho chic

Lovers of intricate styles, unusual combinations of fabric and non-standard decorative solutions are simply obliged to have a reticule. The boho chic style is incredibly eclectic and combines completely different directions - from hippies to military, from ethnic motifs to glamor gloss,therefore, all this explosive mixture is perfectly combined with any kinds of reticulums.
First, the image can be complemented with a small bag with beadwork or bugles. In addition, clothes in boho chic style are combined with tiny bags, which are tightened with a cord and worn on the arm. And finally, to make the image more refined, you can choose a vintage handbag from beautiful textiles.


Of course, to get on the carpet - only for the chosen few, but social events, biennials, festivals and exhibitions are available to many girls. And do not think that the most suitable bag for such a publication is the usual clutch, the reticule has several advantages. Firstly, it is more convenient, you can hang it on your shoulder and forget it. Secondly, it can become a bright accent in the image due to an unusual strap or chain, moreover, the product itself and its decor can be better seen, because it is not hidden in the hands. Thirdly, a small handbag, hanging freely on the shoulder, makes the image less clamped, constrained.
However, the status of the event imposes some restrictions on the choice of products - it should look expensive and stylish and perfectly match the dress anddecorations. Therefore, it is worthwhile to give preference to models with a rich finish, leather “under the metal”, varnished coating.

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