What to see? Teasers series "House of Cards" and "Enmity"

There are TV shows that should not be missed. A couple of these just got the first teasers.

For the teaser of the fifth season of the “House of Cards,” Netflix selected a special day - the inauguration day of the 45th President of the United States. And on the screen we are waiting for no less exciting action than what we saw last weekend. A chorus of children's voices repeats the “Pledge of Allegiance” against the background of ... an inverted US flag and a gloomy sky. Are they intrigued? We'll have to wait: Frank Underwood and his wife Claire (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) will return to our screens on May 30th.

The second video is something new. Namely, the first teaser of the TV series “Hostility”, in which the main roles were played by Jessica Lang and Susan Sarandon. We are waiting for a real squabble of Hollywood divas Joan Crawford and Betty Davis, the greatest actresses in the history of cinema (according to the American Film Institute), who could not get along on the set of the thriller “What happened to Baby Jane?” Robert Aldrich in 1962.There are already a lot of arguments to watch the series, but here's another one - the series is being produced by Ryan Murphy, who presented us with the “American Crime History”. The premiere is March 5th.

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