What to see in the movie in September 2018?

This year is generous for film premieres, and in September there will also be plenty of them. Find out what to expect from the beginning of autumn.

So, what films can be seen in the cinema in September 2018? We list the most anticipated premieres:

  1. Fans of films about dangerous monsters probably want to see another film adaptation, which, by the way, is not a remake, but a sequel, that is, a continuation of the previously released part. In the center of the plot of the picture"Predator"- a former marine, who accidentally discovers the presence on Earth of a previously unknown alien race. Nobody believes in the existence of strangers, but they are truly dangerous and can pose a threat to all mankind. A key role in the fight with predators can play the son of the protagonist. He is autistic, but he has the ability to quickly learn new languages, so he must learn the speech of the newcomers and come into contact with them to find out what aliens want and be able to help humanity escape.
  2. Interesting and dynamic cinema"The great leveler 2"will impress fans of the genre and will please those who expected the release of the second part. The protagonist, Robert McCall, once served in the CIA, but now uses the acquired skills to administer justice and punish those who deserve it. After the events described in the first part, Robert was able to solve the problems that had arisen and, finally, move away from the criminal world in order to heal an ordinary and peaceful life without skirmishes and murders. But during his peaceful existence, events occurred that forced McCall to take up arms again and remember his talents, which should help restore justice.
  3. "London Fields". The main character is a girl named Nikola Six, and she has the gift of clairvoyance. Nicola begins to feel that she is about to die soon. And instead of trying to change lives and escape, the girl decides on a risky adventure and starts a relationship with three men at the same time. All lovers are completely different, but Nicola is one hundred percent sure that one of them should soon become her killer.Where will the girl dangerous ties, will she really die? The answers to these questions are to be clarified to the audience.
  4. “Simple request”. If you prefer such genres as detective and thriller, then you should see this movie. In the center of events - Stephanie. She lives in a small quiet and quiet town, is on maternity leave and has her own blog on the Internet. Once a friend turns to the main character with a request that seemed completely normal and simple. Stephanie helps a friend, after which she suddenly disappears, as if falling through the ground. Now the girl, along with the husband of the disappeared girlfriend Sean, must find out the truth. But it is not so simple: the lives of two heroes are suddenly filled with secrets, betrayal, real feelings and a thirst for revenge. What will all this lead to? Watch the movie and find out.
  5. Film"Agent Johnny English"sure to please fans of Rowan Atkins, his charismatic clumsiness and sparkling humor. Suddenly, all agents of the British intelligence service fail, and then the queen is forced to use alternate options, though not the most successful ones.It remains to accept and seek help from Johnny English. He appreciates the elegant English style, is able to get out of the most hopeless situations, honors the best traditions, does not accept modern technology and is used to basking in the attention of the opposite sex. This is the pride and at the same time the weak point of intelligence in England, but the inimitable main character has to remember his talents and shake the old days in order to accomplish the task.
  6. "Nun". Events unfold in a secluded Romanian monastery: a young nun suddenly committed suicide for no apparent reason. To investigate this matter is entrusted to the novice and the priest. He has a very hazy past, and she is about to make a vow and undergo veil. These two must go to the monastery and find out what happened in this remote place forgotten by God. The main characters face an unknown entity that takes on the appearance of a cruel nun and turns a quiet abode into the real battlefield between good and evil. A priest and a novice will risk their lives, faith, and even their souls to confront otherworldly forces and get to the bottom of the truth.
  7. "The mystery of the house with a clock"- this is a fascinating mystical movie that will allow viewers to plunge into a special atmosphere of mystery. The main character Lewis, crossing the threshold of a strange mansion that belonged to his uncle, immediately heard the ticking of clocks that sounded right from the old walls. He begins to ascertain the origin of sounds and unexpectedly for himself plunges into an incredible world filled with secrets, witchcraft, incomprehensible entities and magic. On this side of life Lewis could not even suspect, but he will be faced with animated paintings and amazing unseen creatures. And in the heart of this mansion are kept the secrets of the flow of time that the hero has to solve.
  8. "Robin Hood. Start". The main character of Robin Hood became a real hero for the poor inhabitants of Nottingham. He could not put up with the inequality of people and the mayhem of the rich, so he began to rob wealthy nobles and give money to the poor. It seemed that the cream of society thought and began to change life, respect the middle strata of the population. Then Robin Hood decided to stop his activities and began to go on crusades.But, once returning to Sherwood Forest, the hero discovered that poor people are still poor and humiliated. And then Robin Hood is looking for companions and continues on its way. But he will have to solve difficult tasks, because it is extremely difficult to make him give up the wealth of those who are used to a better life.
  9. "Newborn". This film describes the events that took place in the first half of the last century in a small English village. The Ayrs family had once been wealthy and influential, but now it’s completely impoverished and drags out a miserable existence in a huge mansion, in which traces of former aristocratic luxury still remain. There are no servants here, and a mother with a wounded son and a long-grown daughter languishes from boredom, but does not want to start working and provide for relatives. One day a young doctor Faraday arrives on the estate - the son who once served in the housekeeping maid. He falls in love with the heiress of a noble family, but suddenly he encounters strange and even frightening events taking place in this family.
  10. "Unforgiven". The inimitable Dmitry Nagiyev starred in the title role, and such a dramatic role was a real discovery for him and the audience.The protagonist Vitaly Kaloyev is an engineer who suddenly lost the whole family in a plane crash. A man from Barcelona airport, to which the plane is supposed to arrive, goes to the crash site and finds the bodies of his wife and children. Now he begins to search for the dispatcher, due to the fault of which a terrible incident happened. He wants to hear forgiveness ...

Now you know exactly what to see on wide screens of cinemas in September 2018.

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