What to expect from the 8th season of "Games of Thrones": 8 theories

The seventh season of the Game of Thrones was epic and gave us more questions than answers. Yes, we found confirmation that Daenerys is John's aunt (although this didn’t prevent them from indulging in feelings. Justification - they know nothing about their relationship). Arya finally took revenge on the Fray family and returned home (and indeed, the girl did not miss - became a first-class murderer), Theon Greyjoy again gained courage. The King of Night destroyed the Wall, and the White Walkers do not interfere with the victory in the Great War. This is scary, especially since George Martin loves epic and tragic ends, and he doesn’t spare the main characters, which we have already seen more than once. But today we decided not to sum up the results of the 7th season, and based on the assumptions of true fans of the novel Song of Ice and Flame, to reflect on what to expect from the last 8th season ...

Theory number 1

John Snow learns about his origins. I wonder what will happen between him and Deeneris? Fans suggest that, despite the discovery, the aunt and nephew will still be together, especially since incest in the Targaryen family is a normal phenomenon.There is a theory that the Mother of Dragons will bear a son from John (he is Eigon Targarien) - "a stallion that will cover the whole world."

Theory number 2

The King of the Night is Bran Stark. This theory was extended in the 7th season and migrated to the 8th. Remember, in the 6th season, the three-eyed crows taught Bran to move from the present to the past and back. So, according to one of the assumptions, the guy, traveling to the past and seeing a man who was turned into the King of the Night, could easily move into it. Not because he wanted power, but to stop the process of creating the White Walkers. But, as the three-eyed raven taught, the longer Bran is in the body of another person, the harder it will be to get out of there. So he is “stuck” and so far nothing can be done about it.

What to expect from the 8th season of "Games of Thrones": 8 theories

Theory number 3

Cersei Lannister will die. Previously, it was predicted that the throne would be taken by another queen, more beautiful and younger. Cersei thought it would be Margarita Tyrell, but she's dead. There remains Deeneris, so she hates her so much - predictions come true. In addition, Cersei was predicted that her younger brother would destroy her. The queen thinks that this is Tirion, but Jamie, in fact, is also younger than Cersei.Maybe that's why she ordered Gore to kill her twin brother? But why didn't he do that? Questions remain open.

Theory number 4

John Snow is Azor Akhay ("the prince that is promised in prophecy"), about whom Milisandra spoke. The Targariens believed that the promised prince would come from their family. This role is also suitable for Deeneris, but fans are more inclined to believe in John. As a result, the King of the Night will be killed by John. But how? According to the theory, it can only be defeated by a special blade - Valir steel is not good. According to legend, Azor Ahai had a special sword - "Svetozarny". Only then did he acquire his marvelous properties when the beloved hero was killed by him. Who will it be? There is an assumption that Daenerys. Yes, she was destined to die to save thousands of lives. Sadly, but John can become the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. There will be joy!

What to expect from the 8th season of "Games of Thrones": 8 theories

Theory number 5

Fans seriously hope for the love triangle John - Dyeneris - Tirion. This confirms the final series of the season: poor Bes with melancholy in his eyes escorted John into the chambers of the Mother of Dragons. Or maybe he knows the true origin of John? Or is he in love with Daenerys? Or he is sad becausethat you have to betray her for the sake of your family? Moreover, Denny was predicted of three betrayals: because of blood, gold and love ... Yes, and fans seriously suggest that Tyrion could persuade her sister to side with Daenerys to fight against the army of the dead? Bes - a clever fellow, for good reason he is the right hand of the queen. He calculates moves a hundred steps forward and can get out of the most difficult situation. Tirion perfectly understands that in Denny genes of the Mad King and she sometimes becomes remotely like him by her strange deeds. So, whatever Tyrion does, he thinks first of all about his safety.

Theory No. 6

Dies either Arya or Sansa. Or maybe both will be killed? How and by whom? Perhaps Arya will kill her sister, since she already does not resemble herself. The faceless so brainwashed her that the poor girl sometimes does not understand where the reality is, and where her imagination is. Some generally believe that Arya is long dead, and her place was taken by one of the faceless. How will Arya die? She will be killed by the King of the Night when she wants to help John defeat him. But this is just a sad assumption. Perhaps all the sisters finally get better.

What to expect from the 8th season of "Games of Thrones": 8 theories

Theory number 7

The Starks family will finally come together and will fight against the White Walkers hand in hand. Meeting Arya, John, Bran and Sansa is just around the corner. Will they show tender family feelings for each other or will calf tenderness be left for later? But what they will have to meet in Season 8 is not discussed.

Theory number 8

Theon Greyjoy will go to the rescue of his sister Yara and bring help in the fight against the army of the dead. This guy has to rehabilitate himself in front of us for the fact that for four whole seasons he was a Stinky, and not the son and heir of the Lord of the Iron Islands of Balon Greyjoy.

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