What to do in the forest?

It would seem that it could be easier than to invent a lesson in the forest? However, in addition to the traditional collection of mushrooms and berries, as well as picnics, there are many other interesting activities. Let's find out what to do in the forest for those who came not only to mushroom hunting or for the sake of kebabs.

What to do in the forest

One of the most interesting and useful forest fun is orienteering. Of course, on condition that turns it into a competition. Probably, many of those who spent their summer holidays in pioneer camps remember such searches, when several teams should be the first to find the “treasure”. To organize such a game is not so difficult.

The only condition is that the forest must be, as it is called, inhabited and / or have exits on all four sides, so that lost players can walk, for a while, guaranteed to enter the road or, for example, on the bank of a river or lake. The rules of the game are quite simple. Each team is given a map, having received which, they search for their first cache, in which there will be a map (or directions) for finding the next one.Well, that team that first gets to the main goal wins.

Also very exciting game - paintball in the open air. And the forest for the battle of two numerous (or not) teams will fit perfectly well: there are so many natural shelters, and the “battles” promise to be long and interesting (I myself had a chance to play - unforgettable impressions). By the way, if for some reason it is not possible to buy paintball equipment (and good is expensive), it is quite possible to rent it for a day.

But before a paintball game or tournament, be sure to go through a briefing - there the master will tell you about the safety rules, having learned that, you will get complete pleasure from the game and, at the same time, you will not put yourself at risk of injury. By the way, let's repeat (or find out) the basic safety rules in the forest.

What to do in case of fire

If you notice a fire, the first thing to do is to warn the others and go out in an open and orderly way. It is best of all if it is a road or a reservoir, however, glades and glades are quite suitable: you can quickly move along the glade, and wait in the glade.You need to move in the direction perpendicular to the spread of fire - so you can leave the fire zone much faster.

If you find yourself in relative safety, but did not go out into the open, breathe, bending closer to the ground - the air below is much less smoke. You also need to close your mouth with a rag or, if there is, a cotton-gauze bandage. And, of course, getting out of the fire, it is necessary to inform rescuers about the detected fire. But in order not to become a cause of fire yourself, remember that in the heat and drought you can not make fires, and at any time you should not throw lit matches and not extinguished cigarettes on the ground. In addition, when leaving, extinguish the fire well and do not leave inflammable materials in the forest.

How to navigate if you get lost

In this case, the tested rules over the years prescribe the following:

  • to warn relatives and friends where you are going;
  • when traveling in the forest by car - make sure that there is enough fuel for a trip in both directions;
  • take with you a compass, a fully charged mobile phone (well, if with a compass too), dry matches, a watch and a knife, as well as some water;
  • wear bright clothes when hiking in the woods - if you get lost, it will be easier to find you;
  • if you find that your relative or friend is lost and does not respond, you do not always need to look for him yourself - you can only trample his tracks and make it more difficult for the rescuers. Therefore, it is most reasonable to call rescuers immediately;
  • if you call the one who has lost his cry, stand in one place and wait patiently - it is quite difficult for a person to walk quickly through the forest;
  • If you have any chronic illnesses, be sure to take medicine with you.

The main enemy of the lost is panic. Relax and listen: the sounds of the forest are carried far enough. We once went to the forest with friends and got lost. After the calm was restored and we listened to the sounds, we found that in the distance there was a noise of the track - and so, going to the sound, we finally came to the road.

Also, the rules that will help stray people to get out of the forest alive and unharmed are very well described in our article How to behave in the forest. I can recommend the Emergency Ministry site to a particularly inquisitive person — there is a rather long, but very useful article.

How to behave with forest animals

The best thing is, of course, to avoid meeting them (of course, we are talking about animals such as a wolf or a bear). And we can do something ourselves. For example, if you know that bears live in the forest, let them know that you are here: talk loudly, sing songs, make noise, etc. The fact is that the same bears themselves do not plan to attack people at all. They attack only when they protect their offspring.

Therefore, seeing a bear, you do not need to tempt fate - turn immediately to the opposite side. But to shout when you see a wolf is not necessary - just go your own way quietly, without changing directions sharply. Wolves are dogs, only wild. And what does a dog do when they run away from it? That's right - catching a fugitive. Therefore, go confidently and calmly, gradually moving away from the gray predator.

What to do in a thunderstorm

If a thunderstorm caught you in the forest - avoid hiding under tall trees, as lightning often hits there. Therefore, you need to hide among the low bushes. And if you are on a hill, go down to the lowland. Also during a thunderstorm it is impossible to be near water bodies: we were still taught in school that water is an excellent conductor of electrical charges.

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