What to do if your pet has worms?

In fact, the worms in dogs or cats - a phenomenon very common, according to veterinarians, almost every pet, at least once, but picked up the disease.

At first glance, it may seem at all that this is a completely frivolous problem, about which there is no point in thinking, until it openly knocks on your door. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that most worms parasitizing cats and dogs are easily transmitted to humans, putting their health at serious risk, not to mention the health of the pet itself.

Regularly give a remedy for worms

These internal parasites actively “feed” on their host, damaging the mucous membranes and tissues of various organs, which, in turn, leads to more serious diseases. In addition, worms or helminths, as they are called in medicine, in the course of their life emit specific substances that poison the body of an animal or a person on which they parasitize.

If you don’t get rid of worms in time, this problem can even lead to the death of the animal! What if you find that your pet has worms? Of course, go straight to a specialist who can find an effective tool for your cat or dog.

It should be noted that it will be difficult to cope with the neglected forms of the disease, the treatment may take several sessions. The fact that modern anthelmintic drugs are not as tough as they used to be, there are also softer drugs, while they are no less effective, and the animal can go through the procedure much easier.

Where do worms come from?

Many owners believe that if a pet is a domestic animal, then there is no place for it to pick up such an ailment, which, in fact, makes a big mistake.

Worms eggs can be found everywhere: in raw meat and fish, in grass and soil, water and unwashed vegetables, even cats who are constantly at home can swallow parasites that are located on the master's shoes. Dogs that are walked outside can easily pick up worms after talking to street animals, so it is very important to reduce such contacts.

Treat Fuzzies

After the helminths enter the body of an animal, they begin to infect not only the stomach, but also, depending on the type of parasite, other organs - the liver, brain, blood, skin, and gradually wear them.

The main symptoms of the disease

Depending on the degree of infestation of the organism, helminthiasis can occur in a mild form, that is, without any visible symptoms, or in a severe form. Most often, the disease is asymptomatic, although, if not given proper treatment, various signs of helminthiasis begin to manifest.

Usually it is weak growth, dull coat, lethargy and inactivity of the animal, thinness, but at the same time the pet actively feeds, as well as constant constipation or, conversely, indigestion. Another sign of infection is when the animal “rolls” on the ground after going to the toilet, constantly trying to scratch the anus.

Cats begin to gnaw the fur around it, sometimes there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth, the stomach becomes "tight." Symptoms can also vary depending on the type of worms that are parasitic on your pet.

What is dangerous and how to get rid of?

It is not difficult to guess that such a disease “erodes” the vital forces of a pet from the inside, its immunity decreases, the general condition worsens, and the worms in a kitten, for example, can lead to a rupture of the intestine! That is why it is so important to monitor your pet and prevent the development of helminthiasis in its early stages.

Unfortunately, there is no such medicine or vaccination that would save your pet for a lifetime from such a misfortune, so it is necessary to carry out measures of regular prevention.

If you suspect that your cat or dog has worms, you can take it to the vet or donate the animal’s feces for analysis, after which you will be told the exact diagnosis, and which particular parasite attacks your pet. necessary drug for treatment.

But you can do it easier and do without any analysis: just buy a broad-spectrum drugs that expel all possible types of worms, but do not cause any adverse reactions in the animal. There are really a lot of such drugs, most of them are produced in the form of tablets, but there are also options in the form of drops or suspensions.

Do prophylaxis

Most modern drugs can get rid of worms after the first use, however, it sometimes happens that the procedure must be repeated 2 or even 3 times with an interval of 10 days. These drugs include: Drontal, Pratel, milbemaks and others. The medicine must be given in the morning on an empty stomach: it is usually ground to powder, mixed with a favorite delicacy and given in this form to an animal.

If this option is not suitable for your pet (for example, it ignores food with medicine), then the pill will have to be given forcibly. The animal is placed on the hands, with the help of the thumb and index finger open his mouth and put a pill on the root of the tongue.

It is important that the pet swallowed the medicine completely, otherwise you will not wait for the desired effect. Sometimes drops are used together with tablets - they must be dripped on the withers so that the animal does not manage to lick the drug. This, of course, is more convenient, but it should be noted that the drops are more suitable for prophylactic purposes than medical ones.

Prevention of helminthiasis

As you know, than to fight a disease for a long time, it is much easier to prevent it, and helminthiasis is no exception.To do this, you just need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not give pets food raw meat or fish, it should be necessarily boiled.
  • Watch for the cleanliness of the litter on which your animal sleeps, if it's a cat, then keep the toilet tray clean, and once a week, disinfect it.
  • Do not forget to periodically treat your pet with anti-flea drugs, because they are also sources of helminthiasis.
  • At least once every 3-4 months, prophylactic de-worming should be carried out, especially if your animal is regularly on the street.
  • De-worming is mandatory carried out 10 days before the intended mating, as well as 7 days before and 7 days after the birth of the animal.
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