What to do if your neck hurts?

There are many ways to get rid of neck pain. In addition to special exercises, these are medical drugs, folk recipes, massages and whole complexes of healing procedures. Which of them to use directly depends on the specific situation, more precisely, on the causes of the appearance of pain.


The simplest answer is what to do if a neck ache is to take ordinary aspirin or another remedy with anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. In particular, ibuprofen, voltaren, diclofenac, ketoprofen, as well as those able to relieve muscle spasm baclofen, tizanidine and tolperisone will be useful. These medicines are available in the form of rectal suppositories, ointments, gels and tablets. Use them in small quantities, limiting yourself only to getting rid of pain.

Another interesting point related to medications is the need to refrain from taking sleeping pills. By itself, it does not cause any harm to the neck, however, falling into an artificial dream, a person takes unnatural postures.When you wake up in the morning on your side or abdomen, you can feel the aches not only in the neck, but also in the back, lower back and limbs that have become sick from a long lying position. In general, it is better to sleep on hard surfaces, being on the back.

Physical exercises

Many do not know: there is a whole list of contraindications, when the neck hurts, what can not be done. Do not go outside with the collar of your coat unbuttoned, as cold is the cause of muscle numbness. Do not sit constantly in one place, as immobility will only aggravate the situation. In extreme cases, try to maintain a neutral posture - legs and hips at a right angle, back is straight, eyes fixed straight ahead. If you work at a computer, make sure that the monitor is right in front of your eyes, otherwise you will have to turn your head to the sides, tilt it or tilt it. Do not watch TV or read the text from the display at a distance less than one meter.

Periodically take breaks for several minutes, during which walk around the room, do some simple physical exercise, or look out into the street. It is desirable that the intervals between the pauses were about half an hour.In general, train your neck in the mornings and evenings: make a few nods with your head, turn it slowly, you can even bring your own initials in the air with your chin. The main thing, no sudden movements, and try to use all muscle groups. When standing, move your shoulders up and down or pull both arms to your chest, taking something heavy - for the neck it is a very good gymnastics. Morning and evening, just hang on the bar for half a minute, you can not pull up. Of course, these exercises will not relieve the pain instantly, you will have to suffer a little, but such exercises can prevent its occurrence in the future.


Very often the neck hurts from behind, what few people know what to do. If this happens, the most effective means will be a massage. Its essence lies in the fact that the head of the person lying on the back of the person being massaged needs to be rotated from side to side, and the “neck” muscles should be “pulled out” in length, slowly massaging them. The procedure involves not only the neck, but also the occipital muscles of the head. Note that each vertebra needs to be massaged separately from the rest. Since it is impossible to make a massage for yourself, ask your relatives or friends about it.

You can simply lie down on a hard surface without a pillow and relax, use a massager or a special roller. The latter was created in order to put it under the neck during sleep. At first it will seem that he is too hard, but after a while sleep will return to you, and the pain in the neck will disappear.

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