What if your dog whines constantly?

If your pet is too active and emotional, then this can be a real problem for all family members, especially if the dog expresses its emotions by whining. And what are the reasons for this behavior? And how to disaccustom the pet from this habit?

Reasons for whining

Why is the dog whining? The reasons for this behavior can be diverse:

  1. A puppy can express his emotions through whining, because he cannot do it in other ways yet.
  2. Deterioration, disease. The pain that a pet may experience due to some kind of illness or injury will surely make it attract the attention of the owners and ask for help. But whining may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as fever, indigestion, lethargy, apathy, lack of appetite, and so on.
  3. Needs and desires. Whining, the dog may require attention from the owner or in such ways remind him that it is time to go for a walk or give some kind of treat.
  4. Loneliness. If the owner often and for a long time does not happen at home, then the pet will certainly not be missed by attention, communication and care. And the dog will certainly try to report it with the help of whining.
  5. Delight. Even an adult dog can express their emotions without restraint, barking loudly or whining.
  6. If the pet has been guilty and has been caught or unmasked by the owner, then by whining he can express guilt or even try to apologize in his dog's language. Voice signals can also be accompanied by behavioral ones. For example, a dog can press his ears, lower his eyes, cuddle up to you or to the floor.
  7. If it seems to you that your pet whines for no reason, then he is probably just bored. Try to lure him with a new toy or active game. If he appreciates your proposal and accepts it joyfully, then surely the cause of the whining was precisely boredom.
  8. Stress, anxiety, fright. Remember, after what events the dog began to voice. Probably, you recently moved, in this case, the emotional state of the pet could be affected by a change in the situation. The cause of the fear could be a visit to a veterinarian or a sudden meeting with a larger and more aggressive dog during a walk.
  9. The desire to empty the intestines or bladder, in other words, go to the toilet.Some breeds emotionally perceive the urge. In addition, if the pet is held back for a long time, then the waiting can be painful and painful for him.

How to find out the reasons?

If a dog howls, but there are no other changes in behavior, then it will be difficult to determine the causes of whining, because, as you have already understood, they can be very different. But if you are an attentive and responsible master, you will surely notice even the slightest changes. Spend a few days with your pet and watch his habits. Try to find out when and at what time your pet is starting to whine: in the morning or in the evening, before your departure, before walking.

How to wean a dog whine?

What if the dog whines constantly? If the reasons are clarified, their main task will be to eliminate them. Actions may be as follows:

  • If the dog howls at desire to go to the toilet, then just regularly take her out for walks, so as not to force to endure for a long time.
  • Does your pet sorely miss your attention? Then give it up! But this does not mean that you should give the dog hugs at the first call, in which case the situation can only get worse.You need to make it clear that you care about your pet and give him time. To do this, walk more, chat, play active games and just stay close.
  • If the pet feels lonely, but you often have to leave him alone, then gradually accustom him to it. To do this, first go to another room, but show that you are nearby and do not leave the dog. Then start hiding and do not react to the first attempts to call you, then increase the periods of absence.
  • Show that you do not like whining. For example, you can take a dog to another room or express your discontent strictly. Moreover, it is important to do this regularly and often, so that the pet understands what exactly offends you.
  • If the dog has recently experienced stress, then try to surround her with care and create the most comfortable and relaxed conditions so that she can forget about fear and feel safe.
  • Try not to let your pet get bored: offer him new entertainments, take a walk, meet other animals and people, all this causes pleasant emotions.
  • If the dog whines for something or asks for something, then let it know that it will not get what it wants in this way. Fulfill the request only when the animal is completely calm.
  • Is the cause of this behavior a disease? Then the answer is obvious: immediately show your pet to the vet to quickly eliminate the ailment and not aggravate the situation.
  • It is very useful to teach a dog to a certain mode. Then she will know that she should walk, eat and sleep at a certain time, and will not demand a walk or a meal earlier.
  • Responsible to the health of your pet: watch his behavior, visit the vet in time and make the necessary vaccinations on a schedule.
  • From an early age, teach your pet to behave calmly and not to show emotion too violently.

Find out the reasons for whining and show patience to wean the dog from this bad habit.

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