Why do the legs swell?

Feet swell around half the population of our planet. This ailment delivers a lot of discomfort, and there are a lot of wrong judgments connected with it. In any case, if you have this problem and you do not know what to do with edema of the legs, our article will be useful to you.

Every sane person wants to feel good and never feel discomfort when walking. From such a disease is not possible to insure. Therefore, you should be ready at any time to start the struggle for your health.


The legs can swell not only from walking for hours, but also from lying on the couch. Just as bad for our feet affects staying in the heat. Especially if you are wearing uncomfortable sandals.

Remember, the most memorable episode from the film "Basic Instinct", this is where Sharon Stone sexually throws his leg. So maybe these movements and excite someone, but for the legs the habit of constantly keeping one foot on the other leads to a strong puffiness.

The main cause of swelling of the legs are veins.If they have weak walls, then they simply cannot function normally. Varicose veins in recent years has become a very common disease. The process of edema occurs as a result of the fact that the veins, unable to cope with the flow of blood, begin to stretch.

Blood circulation is reduced, and legs significantly increase in volume. The problem with the veins is easy to detect. Just look at the legs, if you have pale, thin skin, and you can easily see your venous system, then, most likely, your legs will soon begin to swell. It is better to immediately consult a doctor who specializes in veins and the circulatory system.

Excess load on the legs contributes to their swelling. You can hurt your feet in different ways. Legs of athletes who like to squat with large loads swell around. Also, this problem occurs with dancers and people who are forced to stand upright all day. Puffiness of the legs appears in all obese people. Extra pounds have a destructive effect not only on our beauty, but also on our health.

Girls who cannot imagine their life without high-heeled shoes look spectacular during the day, and when they get home they die of swollen legs.Daily walking in heels can lead to chronic leg problems.

And swelling of the legs can be a symptom of a more serious disease in the body. For example, renal or heart failure. As you can see, you should not ignore this problem.


In order for your legs to finally stop swelling, you need to change your lifestyle. No beautiful shoes are worth sacrificing your health. Also, the wrong shoes (small size, with an uncomfortable rise) adversely affect the condition of the legs. Start wearing quality, comfortable shoes, well, if it is on a small heel.

Medicine and technology in our time can help cope with the problem of swelling of the legs. To do this, you just need to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy socks or tights made from a special material.

They are able to make the blood does not stagnate, and constantly circulate. With varicose veins such socks are contraindicated, and wearing them in the office to work under a skirt is not very beautiful. Nevertheless, they are absolutely not visible under the pants, and it is useful to put them on at night for prevention.

Perhaps your legs are swollen due to the fact that you have a large amount of excess fluid in the body. At night, do not drink water, tea, and especially coffee. For people with the problem of swelling of the legs, all the liquid should be drunk during the day until seven in the evening.

To facilitate your life every day, use foot ointment. They will help make the legs stronger.

Folk remedies

People can suffer from swelling of the feet for years, and then get rid of it for a couple of weeks. This is not a miracle. Helps to deal with this problem, traditional medicine.

As we said earlier, the legs swell due to excess fluid. Therefore, a person just needs to remove all the excess from his own body. To do this, you will have some time to drink medicinal teas.

For example, linden is an excellent urinary agent. Better to add linden horsetail, birch buds. A couple of spoons of these herbs mix, pour boiling water. After the mixture is infused, drink one spoonful after one meal.

In pharmacies, by the way, you can find ready-made collections of herbs. Fill the bag with boiling water and after ten minutes drink the healing elixir for your feet.

You can try another means of traditional medicine.We take garlic, pour boiling water over it. Leave for one day. Then we take a cotton pad, wet it in this solution and wipe our feet. Do this procedure before bed. A rather pungent smell is the only minus of this medicine.

Even if your legs do not swell, but you often feel discomfort in them, be sure to wipe the legs with grass ice cubes after a long walk.

Our legs love baths. Water for these procedures should be cold. Add in it sea salt, aromatic oils and hold the feet in such water for ten minutes.

To remove the edema from the legs will help you physical education, or rather a specific set of exercises. Stand straight, arms at random, roll from heel to toe twenty times.

We lie down on the mat, lift our legs and hold them at a right angle. Lying in this position should be about 15 minutes. In general, when the problem of puffiness of the legs is necessary as often as possible to raise the legs up.

If you have a sedentary job, be sure to move your legs. You can simply shake, bend and straighten them. Better yet, after 30 minutes, constantly leave the table and walk.

You can start fighting with swelling at any time.Swelling of the feet is not only discomfort, it is a dangerous disease. In order to go through life with an easy walk, you must constantly take care of your well-being. Remember, a man can only drive smart and slender legs, not swollen legs.

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