What to do if pancakes are torn and stick to the pan?

You have decided to please your loved ones with delicious and tender pancakes, but you have encountered unforeseen problems fvb? Do not rush to get upset. In this article, you will learn what to do if pancakes are torn and stick to the pan.

Pancakes break if dough is too thin.
Pancakes break if dough is too thin.
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Pancakes are torn - what is the reason?

The first pancake is lumpy. This saying is very often true. But what to do if the dough does not want to peel off the pan, either for the second or the third time? The first step is to find the cause of the problem. There may be several:

  • Not enough eggs in the dough. Kneading dough on pancakes, strictly follow the recipe. Eggs combine all the ingredients together and do not allow baking to tear and stick to the pan. The lack of this ingredient violates the density and structure of the dough. To save the harvest, add 1-2 eggs and a few tablespoons of flour to it. Mix everything thoroughly to avoid lumps, and proceed to baking.
  • Lack of flour. During frying, almost all moisture evaporates from the dough.If the dough is too thin, the cake turns out to be very thin and it is practically impossible to turn it over without damage. You can easily correct the error by adding a little more flour and carefully stirring the dough until smooth.
  • Little fat in the dough. Because of this, pancakes can lag behind the pan badly. If you notice a problem, just add a few teaspoons of vegetable oil to the dough.

In the process of cooking pancakes, try to put in the dough as little as possible spices and sugar. To make pastries sweeter and more fragrant, use fruit jams or caramel sauces.

Pancakes are torn - what to do?

So, now you already know why pancakes are torn. Any of the above reasons can be easily corrected by adding the missing ingredients to the dough. To make baking perfect, follow the advice of experienced chefs.

  • Always stick to the recipe. In order to measure the exact amount of an ingredient, use kitchen scales.
  • Knead the dough on the pancakes can be manually or using a mixer. The main thing that it became homogeneous, all lumps disappeared. A small amount of liquid is added to the dry ingredients, mixed thoroughly, and only after that the rest of the milk or kefir is poured.
  • Before you pour a portion of the workpiece in the pan, heat it well on the stove and grease it with a small amount of animal fat.
  • In the process of baking pancakes, the fire can be slightly reduced.

To pancakes are not torn, turn them over with a special spatula. First, lift the edges of the cakes, and then in one sharp motion turn them over. For the preparation of such baking a massive cast-iron pan is ideal. If you do not have such dishes, use a non-stick coated roasting pan or a special crepe maker.

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