What to do if froze your toes

Frostbite of the extremities: symptoms, first aid

"Frost does not order, but does not stand to stand." No wonder so said our wise ancestors. Frost causes our legs to "dance" so that our toes are not numb from the low atmospheric temperatures. And what to do with frostbitten toes? What are the first steps to "resuscitate" the lower extremities?

Frozen toes: main symptoms

Knowledge of the main symptoms of frostbite of the lower extremities, can greatly help out and sometimes even save your health and your friends. If the following symptoms appear on the street:

  1. Loss of sensation of toes
  2. Unpleasant tingling sensation in the limbs and pain
  3. Cramps

It is urgent to take the victim from the cold into heat, and help him take off his shoes. If you take off your shoes, you find that:

  1. Fingers are swollen
  2. Bruising or bleeding appeared under the skin.
  3. Blisters and sores appear
  4. The skin of the fingers turned white, reddened, turned blue or turned black

Immediately contact a doctor! Otherwise, at the worst outcome, the victim will face amputation of frostbitten toes!

Frostbite of the extremities: symptoms, first aid

Frozen toes: how to provide first aid for frostbite

First of all, you need to do the following:

  1. Get rid of wet shoes and wet socks
  2. Smaller move (too much activity can lead to even more damage to frozen fingers)
  3. Dry your feet, make a warm bath (the temperature of the water should not exceed room temperature! Only then it can be slightly heated, gradually bringing to body temperature)
  4. Carefully massage the frozen areas of the legs, while listening to the sensations. If something confuses - immediately contact a specialist!
  5. You should warm up with the help of hot food or drink (from the first - hot broth will do, from the second - tea with lemon, herbal decoction, cocoa)

Frostbite of the extremities: symptoms, first aid

Frozen toes: how to avoid it

  1. Do not leave the house on an empty stomach. Before you go out into the cold, your stomach should get plenty of food, and your body needs the energy it needs to generate heat. Especially useful fatty and nutritious foods - meat, fish, cereal.
  2. Shoes should be comfortable, not crush and not be too big. Tight shoes provoke sweating feet, and this may eventually lead to hypothermia.Too much shoes will not keep warm, and can also cause frostbitten fingers on the lower limbs.
  3. Eliminate from the diet alcohol, do not smoke in the cold. Hot drinks give only the deceptive effect of warming. In fact, alcohol impairs blood circulation. Just like tobacco smoking.
  4. Wear several layers of loose clothing. This will create a "heat cushion" that will warm the body, protecting it from hypothermia.

Frostbite of the extremities: symptoms, first aid

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