What to choose as a gift - a double boiler or a slow cooker

The best gift is something that can come in handy on the farm. Kitchenware, household appliances and electronics are products that are given only to the closest people: relatives and loved ones. If you have a question about what to give to your wife or mother, then you can completely turn your attention to kitchen appliances. The most popular types of household appliances for cooking are food processors, blenders, microwaves, steamers and multicookers.

Two wonderful devices for kitchen

If your birthday girl already has a blender in the household, and the microwave settled in her kitchen about 5 years ago, then you can please her with a steamer or a slow cooker. Both of these unique items are "magic pots" that allow you to cook foods for a couple, while keeping as many vitamins as possible in them.
But here the question arises: what to choose as a gift: a double boiler or a slow cooker? First you need to understand what is common in these two kitchen appliances.The common thing in them is that both devices can maintain heat inside the vessel, have a hermetic lid, have a built-in control program, and also have a function such as laying the start of cooking. Both devices are excellent at defrosting and heating food.

Differences and similarities

So what is the difference between a slow cooker and a double boiler? Such a device as a slow cooker can cook food on a hot pair in an open way. In it you can cook and bake, stew, and even cook food on the grill. The power of the double boiler, in turn, is suitable for grinding the cooked products for a couple, and the products here can be processed with steam only in closed baskets. The slow cooker is considered multitasking, it can replace the pan, fryer, electric oven, regular pan and the double boiler itself.
Both devices are good each by itself, but the mode of a double boiler in a slow cooker already speaks about the significantly greater capabilities of the multifunction device. At the same time, the multicooker includes only one capacity for high-pressure cooking on a hot steam, and the double boiler holds several baskets of different sizes.
If you want to help loved ones to go on a healthy diet or show them how tasty diet food can be, then the purchase of a steamer or a slow cooker will be quite useful. You can't say that one device is something better or worse than another, it all depends on your individual preferences.

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